Natalia Kaliada Wikipedia Age: Who Is Film Director Married To?

The Belarus Free Theatre managerial Natalia Kaliada is not documented on Wikipedia. Just in the age of early 40s she has notable credits on her name as a film director.

Natalia is a Belarusian film director and co-founder of the Belarus Free Theatre. The film theatre is an underground theatre group labeled as illegal under the current political system run by the Belarusian president, Alexander Lukashenko.

Is Natalia Married? Meet Her Husband

Yes, Natalia Kaliada is married to her husband, Nikolai Khalezin.

Nikolai was also the founding member of Belarus Free Theatre in March 2005.

The couple still serves as the executive artists of the theatre. Aside from being a co-artistic director, he is also a playwright and journalist. His plays are forbidden to be staged in Belarus and as he is also a rebel of the government.

Nicolai is the author of 14 plays and has won numerous awards for his contribution to humanitarian theatre.

The Belarusian couple currently resides in London whilst continuing their theatrical works in the hope of changing the political system of Belarus for good.

Natalia Age: How Old Is She?

Natalia Kaliada currently appears to be in her 40s in age.

Her birthday falls on March 31 every year. Meanwhile, her complete birthday details are not on display.

Is Natalia Kaliada On Wikipedia?

Natalia Kaliada’s official biography has not been recorded on a Wikipedia page as of yet.

Nevertheless, she has been mentioned as one of the founding members of the Belarus Free Theatre on its Wikipedia page.

Not much information on her early life, educational qualifications, and family background are known as of yet. She is a runaway from Belarus, as she has been termed a criminal for protesting against the president of Belarus.

Along with the theatre group and family, she has faced harassment and threats from the government due to their participation in peaceful political and theatrical activities.

Updated: September 27, 2021 — 10:35 am

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