NFL: Geno Smith Wife Hayley Eastham and Net Worth – Meet His Family

NFL player Geno Smith is married to his wife, Hayley Eastham. Explore more about the quarterback and his college darling here. 

Smith recently came to the spotlight after leading the team Seahawks on a 98- yard touchdown drive. He has been the star of the match after replacing the player Russell Wilson.

During the game, Wilson suffered from a finger injury sending him off to the sideline. Geno taking over him, he showed an outstanding performance.

With his first touchdown after 2017 with Giants, his followers are now interested in his personal life and love affairs.

NFL: Geno Smith Wife Hayley Eastham

30-years-old player Geno plays for the team Seattle Seahawks as a quarterback played. He has got himself an incredible career history and achievements.

With his charm, he has married his college love, Hayley, on 20 July 2015. Since then, the pair has been unbreakable.

The couple is together for six years now and has shared a strong bond living a happy life. Moreover, they also participated in a “House Hunters” TV show.

Except being known for the spouse of Smith, Haley, works for Caldwell Cassady and Curry PC as Patent Litigation Associate.

Additionally, as a student attorney, she has also got experience working in Juvenile Rights Advocacy projects. Like Geno, his wife Hayley also has wonderful career experiences.

Both the wife and husband being successful in their professional life, they have been a perfect match. However, at the moment, the couple doesn’t have any children.

Discover Geno Smith Net Worth

Looking through the career highlight of the NFL QB player, Geno, he had won his award as the first team in All-Big East in 2011 and second-team All-Big East in 2010.

Moreover, he renewed his contract with the Seattle Seahawks. As per spotrac, his base salary in 2021 is $1,075,000 with the signing bonus, $137,500.

He signed the contract till 2022 as a free agent. Therefore, his expected worth must be in millions.

Thus, his net worth must have been around $2 million. This contract is the second time that Smith has resigned with Seattle Seahawks.

Geno Smith: Meet His Family

Geno grew up in Lakemont, Georgia, with his father Eugene Smith Jr and mother, Tracy Seller. He got nicknamed after his grandfather, who was known as “Big Geno.”

As a notable player, Smith is also on the Wikipedia page. Many information about his achievement, careers and his family are available on his page.

He spent his childhood with his great uncle named Danny Smith, who was an athlete. His uncle was known for being a record-breaker in the hurdler.

Besides, his cousin Melvin Bratton is also a running back star. The player has got athlete family members.

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