Obituary: How Did Mountain Dog Bodybuilder John Meadows Die? Death Cause Revealed

Famous Mountain Dog Bodybuilder John Meadows has reportedly passed away, and the cause of his death is severe medical complications. Fans are curious about his wife and kids.

John Meadows was a former pro bodybuilder and current fitness expert and coach widely recognized in the bodybuilding industry.

Known as the Mountain Dog, John has had a great reputation in the media and web because of his several contributions to fitness and training renowned athletes.

Precisely, John has trained IFBB pro bodybuilder Shaun Clarida which led to his victory in the 2020 Men’s 212 Olympia.

Also, John had a passion for supporting the common people and public, so he created a channel for fitness tips and showcasing his incredible body.

Moreover, he has a Youtube channel with the name mountaindog1, where he had over 550k subscribers.

Despite all the fitness and bodybuilding, John Meadows has unfortunately passed away, and people are very shocked regarding this matter.

With the sudden release of this news, people seem eager to find out what happened to him and other related matters about his personal life.

Indeed, concerns regarding his death cause, wife, family, age, and related matters are rising and are currently at their peak on the web and media.

Who Is John Meadows Wife? Details On His Kids

John Meadows was married to his wife, Mary Meadows, for over one and a half decades.

He did mention his wife a lot, and he had said that she was one of his biggest influences.

She was the only person with him when he was sick and could not do anything by himself.

There are not many details on when they met or how they met, but they have surely spent many years of their life together, supporting each other.

Also, his recent death was officially confirmed by a post that was claimed to be posted on behalf of his wife, Mary Meadows.

Regarding his kids, he has twin sons, Jonathan and Alexander, who are about 15 years old now, born in 2006.

Mountain Dog Bodybuilder: How Old Was John Meadows?

The Mountain Dog Bodybuilder John Meadows’ age was 49 years old at the time of his death.

He was born on April 11, 1972, in the United States.

Also, there are numerous recent articles that have claimed details about his death and age; so, we have extracted his age from those.

John Meadows Net Worth: How Rich Was He?

John Meadows had an estimated net worth of about $3 million.

He had a renowned fitness center and gym; he was a trainer for many professional bodybuilders; he also ran a youtube channel with thousands of followers.

Hence, it does seem obvious that the Mountain dog had a net worth of over thrice a million dollars.

John Meadows Death Cause: How Did He Die?

The cause of John Meadows’ death is reported as heart attack and pulmonary embolism.

While some courses have claimed that he died because of rare colon disease and some claim that he died because of steroids, there is no proof of any of these.

Still, looking at his incredible body, it seems obvious that people think he uses steroids, which are specifically sued for muscle enlargement.

Regarding his colon disorder, he did have a near-death experience in the past because of his colon burst, but it was way ahead in the past.

It was the incident that led him to bodybuilding and fitness. Hence, his previous colon disorder does not seem to be the cause of his death.

As per the majority of sources, he had Pulmonary embolism, which caused his heart and lungs to fail.

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 6:06 pm

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