Olympics: Who Is Bowen Becker? Age And Parents -Meet His Father And Mother

Bowen Becker, the young swimmer aged 24, is representing Australia in the 400 meters freestyle races in the Olympics. 

Bowen Becker is an American professional swimmer and athlete recognized for his amazing records and performance in individual freestyle swimming.

Bowen, despite being a young athlete, has outplayed many other experienced people in freestyle swimming. Hence, he is a very reputed swimmer.

Currently, Bowen is competing in the 2020 Summer Olympics, which is why he is seen a lot in the media lately.

However, the matters that have gained public curiosity are not related to his professional life, statistics, but mostly regarding his personal life.

Indeed, concerns regarding his parents, age, possible girlfriend or partner, his wealth status, and other related matters are rising and at their peak.

Who Is Bowen Becker? The Olympics Swimmer’s Age

The professional swimmer, Bowen Becker’s age, is currently 24 years old.

He was born on 7 Jul 1997, in the United States.

He has been swimming professionally since 2015 when he was in high school.

Ever since, he has played on every possible time while at his college and now, after college.

He has achieved good ranks in different official events he has participated in.

Indeed, he had been a part of events like the NCAA races, Big Ten Championship, All-American championship, and Academic All-Big Ten honoree.

He has most of his success while at the University of Minnesota, United States of America. People are expecting him to perform well in the Olympics.

Bowen Becker Parents And Girlfriend

Bowen Becker was born to his parents Heber and Barbara Becker, in the United States.

While there is not much available regarding his father, we have found a few details about his mother, Barbara.

Barbara was a former professional gymnast, and she performed while at Cal State Northridge during her college days.

There is not much information on how his parents met or when they got married.

Still, we know that they have given birth to 3 wonderful sons, Bowen and his 2 brothers Cameron and Brandon.

It does not look like Bowen Becker has a girlfriend. He does post a lot with his female friends, but none of them look like his girlfriend.

What Is Bowen Becker Net Worth?

Bowen Becker has a net worth of over $100,000.

He is a professional swimmer and is involved in numerous professional events, which has most certainly paid him enough to have a net worth of over a hundred thousand dollars.

Meet Bowen Becker On Instagram

Bowen Becker is on Instagram under the username @bowe_becker.

Here, he has about 1700 followers and over 60 posts.

Updated: October 14, 2021 — 12:45 pm

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