Photos: How Old Is Guzel Ganieva? All About The Model Who Accused Billionaire Leon Black

Former model Guzel Ganieva, aged 38, accused Leon Black of rape showing past photos and claiming him to be the best friend of sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.

Gazel Ganieva is a former model. She has accused the billionaire American investor Leon Black of raping and abusing her for years.

Her statements created an immediate buzz on social media. Several media channels are covering the Ganieva-Black story and trying to unearth the real truth.

Black and his associates have strongly denied the allegations. Although he admitted to having an affair with Guzel, he denied ever abusing her in any way.


Leon Black is no novice when it comes to controversies. He was previously on a tight end for his mysterious relationship with the late sex offender Jefferey Epstein.

Earlier in 2021, reports surfaced that he paid Epstein $158 million from 2012 to 2017 for financial services.

Following the revelation, Black stepped down from the position of CEO and chairman of Apollo Global Management.

Black reportedly saved at least $1.3 billion using Epstein’s tax avoidance strategies.

How Old Is Guzel Ganieva? Age Revealed

Former model Guzel Ganieva’s age is 38 years old.

However, her precise birth information remains off the web as of now.

Who Is Model Guzel Ganieva?- Meet Leon Black Accuser

Guzel Ganieva and Leon Black were in a sexual relationship for six years. She is a former model.

Ms. Ganieva was in her early 20s years when she met Leon Black in 2008. She said Black picked her out of a crowd at a New York event of International Women’s Day.

He invited her to discuss her future over dinner at the upscale restaurant La Grenouille.

After their first encounter, Black took her to a bare studio apartment where he engaged in forced sadistic sexual acts with her.

Guzel alleges he derived pleasure from humiliating and debasing and she was subjected to much intentional physical pain throughout their relationship.

Guzel and Leon’s six-year relationship ended in 2015. She was further forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement and accept hush money from Black.

Guzel filed a complaint in New York State Supreme Court on June 1, 2021, against Black. In the 29 page lawsuit, she alleged Black threatened if she did not sign the NDA and accepted the hush money.

She claimed Black has a sadistic and violent side to him that he’d hidden from the public for many years.

In the latest lawsuit, Guzel also alleges that Black once flew her to Florida against her will to satisfy the sexual needs of his best friend, Jeffrey Epstein.

She refused and she was forbidden to talk about Epstein in public. She also claimed Black was aware of Epstein’s interest in young girls.

Guzel Ganieva Photos & Images On Instagram

Guzel Ganieva’s Instagram is not found at the time of publication.

However, she is active on Twitter. She has not shared any of her photos and images on social media.

In fact, she joined Twitter in March 2021 and shared a series of tweets on March 17 accusing the ex-CEO of Apollo of rape and harassment against her for years.

What Is Guzel Ganieva Net Worth?

Guzel Ganieva’s net worth is not mentioned right now.

On the other hand, Leon Black, age 70, has a net worth of $8million.

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 3:05 pm

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