Pikamee Face Reveal And Everything On Her Face And Age

Has Pikamee revealed her real face? The Virtual Youtuber is yet to show her real identity.

Amano Pikamee is a Japanese Virtual Youtuber who is also a really famous Twitch star. She had accumulated over 100k subscribers in a month and she is really energetic and has a cheery personality.

As her popularity grows, more and more are curious about the real face behind the character. Many of her fans have been anticipating a face reveal.

Pikamee Real Face Reveal and Age

Pikamee has not revealed her real face.

The Youtuber will likely never reveal her personal details which is a norm for Virtual Youtubers.

The trend of Virtual Youtubers has been increasing day by day and many Youtubers like Pewdiepie, CDwagVA, and so on have also tried Vtubing.

But unlike normal YouTubers, Vtubers tend to be secretive about anything there is to know about the real them.

Likewise, Pikamee has also not revealed her real age.

According to her Fandom bio, the streamer is 5 trillion 1 years old and her birthday falls on July 13 and she stands 4 feet 5inches tall.

Now the information revealed is obviously not of the real person behind Pikamee but of the character itself.

Meet Pikamee on Twitter

Pikamee is active on Twitter @amanopikamee.

She currently has around 124.1k followers on her account.

Pikamee Family and Nationality

Pikamee’s family is unknown.

The Youtuber behind the character has not revealed anything about her family but once she had invited her only friend, Agomy.

Talking about the character Amano Pikamee she was created by Gyari who had also created Hikasa Tomoshika, both of the VOMS Projects.

Moreover, Pikamee is definitely of Japanese nationality.

All her social media are available in the Japanese language only.

Pikamee Twitch and Youtube

Pikamee is a really famous Twitch streamer and Youtuber.

Her Twitch @PikameeAmano currently has 20.6k followers meanwhile her Youtube “Pikamee” has 411k followers.

What is Pikamee’s Net Worth?

There is no information on Pikamee’s net worth.

She is really popular and her subscribers and followers are increasing steadily, so it may be that her net worth is valued in thousands of dollars.

Updated: September 28, 2021 — 7:39 am

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