Spurge Krasowski Age: How Old Is Spurge Krasowski From Wicked Tuna?

Spurge Krasowki, who looks to be between 50-60 of age, says he has more than 40 years of experience in fishing. So, let’s learn more about Spurge in Details.

Spurge Krasowki joined Wicked Tuna Season 10.

Captain Spurge Krasowski is a Gloucester hero who is no stranger to overcoming obstacles in the bluefin fishing industry. Krasowski is the other new Captain introduced in Season 10 of Wicked Tuna.

However, he has been in charge of his Moonshine vessel since at least 2004, sailing all over the Atlantic Ocean with his dependable crew searching for Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna and profiting lavishly from their sales.

According to a Wicked Local recap, Spurge and his crew caught a 94-inch, 304-pound tuna worth $2,128 in the Season 10 premiere, which was the show’s second most valuable catch, behind Tyler’s $2,340 tuna, which aired in February 2021.

Quick Facts:

Name Spurge Krasowki
Gender Male
Nationality British

Learn about Spurge Krasowki Age.

Spurge Kraswoski has not revealed his age yet.

However, he is estimated to be in the range of 55-65years. He looks old and has white hair.

Apart from that, Captain Spurge Krasowski is estimated to have a net worth of about $350,000.

More About Spurge Krasowki

Spurge has 40 years of fishing experience and is eager to share his knowledge on the show.

Spurge addressed his long tenure in the industry in Episode 5, claiming to have fished for bluefin tuna for more than 40 years. According to Wicked Local, he joked, “Instead of sitting in a rocking chair, I got a 43-foot rocking chair.” Spurge has been in the company since 1971, according to his Facebook page.)

Spurge only caught a 166-pound tuna in Episode 3, but he used the opportunity to discuss the problems of a tuna market threatened by low prices.

According to Wicked Local, he said, “We’re not only competing against each other; we’re competing against a market that we hope will pick up and become big again.” “All you can do in the meantime is concentrate on the next bluefin.”

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