Sydney & Callie Somerville Age Wiki: How Old Are Frank Somerville Daughters?

How old are Sydney Somerville & Callie Somerville, the daughters of Frank Somerville? To know everything about the half-siblings, keep following the article.

Sydney Somerville & Callie Somerville are the daughters of the American journalist Frank Somerville.

Their father is a successful journalist with three Emmy awards under his accomplishments.

Recently, he got in a disagreement with KTVU’s management, where he currently works. He wanted to address the coverage disparity between crimes relating to white and black in the coverage of Gabby Petitio’s homicide case.

As a result, the disagreement got him indefinitely suspended from the television network.

Frank Somerville Daughters – Age And Height

Frank Somerville has two daughters, Sydney and Callie Somerville.

Sydney is the biological daughter of Frank and his wife, Donna Somerville. She is the older one among the two sisters. That said, she shouldn’t be a lot older than Caillie.

As for Callie, she is Frank and Donna’s adopted daughter. In addition to that, she is a human of color. Reports suggest that she got adopted in 2005, while just a baby. Speaking about her age, she should be around 17 years as she was ten years old in 2014.

If we take all this information at face value, Callie’s birth year is probably 2004.

Speaking about their height, they should be somewhere in that average range, which is 5 feet 4 inches by American standards. But, they are just teenagers and can grow even taller in the coming years.

Sydney Somerville & Callie Somerville Wiki

Sydney Somerville and Callie Somerville are the daughters of Frank and Donna Somerville.

Callie is in her final year of high school, as reported by her dad on 5 August 2021. As for Sydney, she should be in the same circumstances or college, considering that she is the older one.

Frank is a proud father of the two as he mentions them frequently on his social media.

He believes that he made a difference in Callie’s life, and so did Callie. He further thinks that adopting his black daughter is the proudest moment of his life and knowing that both of his black and white daughters will live together to be good friends makes him even more proud.

Frank Somerville Daughters On Instagram

Sydney Somerville and Callie Somerville don’t seem to have their own Instagram account.

They might have one, but with a different alias, which makes it hard to find. Speaking about Instagram, their father is a user of the platform as @somerville.frank.

Callie and Sydney often are the subjects of Frank’s social media posts.

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