If you have an interest in the 2022 Ford Explorer, you are not alone. Choosing the ideal midsize SUV might be difficult because they are among the most popular models available. The Explorer XLT, however, is the trim level that consumers prefer the most. Customers desire it so desperately. Is there something superior about it? The 2022 Ford Explorer XLT is the most popular grade for three reasons.

The most popular 2022 Ford Explorer trim

2022 Ford Explorer side view
2022 Ford Explorer side view

According to reviews, the XLT model level of the 2022 Ford Explorer is the most popular. It costs just a few thousand dollars more than the standard model, starting at N24,000,000. As a consequence, given that the XLT model isn’t too pricey, the extra features and value are fantastic. The most expensive trims are Explorer Limited and Platinum. The ideal mid-tier trim for 2022 is the Ford Explorer XLT, thanks to a few key features.

The Explorer XLT has captain’s seats in the second row

The XLT trim is the most popular because of the captain’s seats in the 2022 Ford Explorer. One of the most crucial features of a three-row SUV is adaptability. Owners require a large amount of internal space in addition to the ability to customize it to meet their demands. The XLT is therefore a very well-liked option. Additionally, purchasing a Ford Explorer offers eight seats with a bench seat in the middle. The second-row captain’s chairs replace the bench seats in the Explorer’s XLT trim, though.

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Additionally, it decreases the number of seats to seven, which for many owners is preferable. Aside from that, the bench seat hasn’t just vanished into thin air by selecting this Explorer model. As we previously stated, flexibility and versatility are crucial, and XLT customers can elect to replace the captain’s seats with a bench seat. The good news is that choosing a bench seat over a set of captain’s chairs is completely free.

It has power heated seats

2022 Ford Explorer Interior
2022 Ford Explorer Interior

One of the most frequently requested features for a vehicle is power-adjustable and heated seats, despite how straightforward they are. They significantly improve the Explorer above the original model and are the first step toward luxury for any model. The front passenger and driver’s seats now have power adjustments and heating features when equipped with the XLT trim. Owners believe they now possess a far more upscale, sophisticated SUV as a result.

The Explorer can be improved upon with just a single step—power-adjustable heated seats. Furthermore, the Limited level unlocks extra luxurious options, including ventilated seats. 

The interior trim on the 2022 Ford Explorer XLT has been improved

2022 Ford Explorer XLT: What’s New For 2022?

The Explorer XLT boasts an updated interior trim, claims Edmunds. This is just another move toward making the Explorer more comfortable and contemporary, similar to heated and power-adjustable seats. Although inexpensive, changes to the inside trim give purchasers the impression that they are receiving more for their money. Since owners spend all of their time inside their cars, the inside must be comfortable.

Numerous minor adjustments to the inside trim have been made to improve the passenger experience. For instance, special cloth seats, second-row smart-charging USB ports, a steering wheel wrapped in leather, four 12V outlets, passenger-assist grab handles, and front and rear black carpet floor mats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a 2016 Ford Explorer in Nigeria?

The price of a 2016 Ford Explorer has been evaluated to cost fourteen million naira on average.

Where can I buy a Ford Explorer in Nigeria?

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Why is the XLT trim of the 2022 Ford Explorer the most widely used? In conclusion, there are a variety of factors that contribute to the popularity of the 2022 Ford Explorer XLT. Starting with second-row captain’s chairs, this choice provides a ton of seating flexibility and even additional interior space.

Next, the Explorer XLT’s power-adjustable heated front seats alone will sell the vehicle as they significantly improve driver and front passenger comfort. And finally, the upgraded interior trim offers more in almost every way. The Explorer’s interior is made much more livable by basic amenities like power and heated seats. Most buyers choose the 2022 Ford Explorer XLT over less popular trims due to these three features more often than not.

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