TikTok: Is Keemokazi Arrested? Everything On His Sisters And Net Worth

TikTok star Keemokazi has posted a video of himself getting arrested on his social handles, which has surprised a lot of people. Here is everything you need to know. 

Stars and celebrities getting arrested is not a new thing, but it is certainly a great matter of concern for their fans and followers.

While mostly, the cause of the possible arrests and related matters are out, it is even more surprising when you know a star is arrested but there is nothing about it.

A similar case has happened where a renowned TikTok and Instagram star and personality Keemokazi, real name Kareem Hesri, has gotten arrested by the police; well that is what it seems like.

Because of all this, people seem to be very interested in finding out more and more about him and what possibly could have happened that would lead to his arrest.

Indeed, concerns regarding his arrest, sisters, net worth, possible girlfriend or partner, or related matters are rising all over the web.

Why Is Keemokazi Arrested?

Well, as per what we see and what the whole world is seeing, Keemokazi is arrested.

Indeed, there is an official video of him getting arrested and it is uploaded on his own TikTok and Instagram handle.

The caption reads, Keemokazi was arrested this morning in LA and there is no information regarding why he was taken b the police.

The caption also said that they are contacting their attorney and more information is to be revealed soon.

However, people think that things went a bit fishy here. Because for a renowned celebrity, who is just 18 now, to be arrested and have n information is not usual.

Also, the fact that he has a video of himself getting arrested, captured by other people, and uploaded on his whole handle is even more unbelievable.

To get straight to the point, many people have said that it is a prank. The reason for this is first, it looks like one and it is very obvious.

And, the second is he is now for his prank on his family, so he might have tried one on his audience.

Despite all the things we have said, he might still have actually gotten arrested for some case. But there is nothing to confirm these facts yet until he posts further information.

Meet Keemokazi Sisters And Girlfriend

Keemokazi has 5 sisters and they are Sophie, Sara, Serene, Saby and Sima.

All of his sisters are petty popular on different platforms because of their brother and their appearances on his content.

With Keemokazi constantly posting things about surprising his family, which includes his mother and sisters, we do know them on social media.

Also, staying in the USA as Americas, they are natives of Syria which is mentioned in his sisters’ Instagram bio.

Moreover, Keemokazi seems to be single now and he does not have a girlfriend yet.

Well, if he had he would surely introduce her to his fans because he does not seem to be a private person, looking at his arrest video.

Keemokazi Net Worth 2021 Explored

The net worth of TikTok star Keemokazi is about $850,000.

As a social media phenomenon with over 21.6 million followers on TikTok and about 3 million on Instagram, he is famous enough so that he has gathered a net worth of over 8 hundred thousand dollars.

Updated: September 28, 2021 — 8:15 am

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