Vikingur Olafsson

Vikingur Olafsson is a pianist from Iceland. He has performed with many leading orchestras in Europe and America including many places by the conductors Thomas, Esa and etc. He started to play piano from a very young age as it was his passion.

Name Vikingur Olafsson
Birthday 14 February 1984
Age 36
Gender Male
Profession Pianist
Instagram @vikingurolafsson
Twitter @VikingurMusic

He learned piano from many famous tutors and he has done so well in his career. Many people are a fan of his playing skills which are very smooth and can be a mood changer for many people. Starting at a very young age today he has achieved a lot in his life as a pianist. Through his journey, till now he has earned a lot of awards for his wonderful performances.

10 Facts about Vikingur Olafsson

  1. Vikingur Olafsson is a pianist from Iceland who was born on 14 February 1984 in Iceland. He grew up in the capital and the largest city in Iceland called Reykjavik.
  2. 36 years old  Reykjavík has a very decent personality and is very handsome also. His height, weight and body measurements are not known yet. He currently lives in New York.
  3. As one of the famous pianist people also wants to know about his personal life apart from his professional life. But details about his parents and families are not found on the web except the fact that his mother was a piano teacher.
  4. Details about his siblings are also not known yet so we don’t know if he has any siblings.
  5. People are also eagerly wanting to know about his love life which still a mystery to his well-wishers.
  6. He has played piano in the most renowned places from all over the world. Which includes Japan, the USA, Europe, London, Spain, and Brussels.
  7. He has released his 33 albums which were released under his own record label, Dirrindi.
  8. Vikingur has also hosted a television series which was about classical music which was broadcasted on RUV and also written programs for Ras 1.
  9. We can also know hima as a person with a lot of hard work. Due to his hard work he has been able to get many awards for himself.
  10. He has his description on Wikipedia and also on some other websites.
Updated: September 16, 2021 — 5:55 pm

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