Was Diana Toebbe Arrested? What We Know About Nuclear Engineer Jonathan Toebbe Wife

Diana Toebbe is the wife of a nuclear engineer of the US Military, Jonathan Toebbe. Was she arrested along with her husband?

A 9-year employee of the US government, Jonathan Toebbe has been arrested for sharing secret information with a representative of a foreign government. Both he and his wife, Diana Toebbe were charged by the FBI.

The couple has been believed to be part of the scam for more than a year. And they were finally arrested in West Virginia by the FBI on Saturday. More details to follow on their trial and charges.

Diana Toebbe Arrested: What Did She Do?

Diana Toebbe was arrested along with her husband, Jonathan Toebbe by the FBI.

It looks like the couple carried out the scam collectively for more than a year. They sold the valuable secret military information to a foreign government.

However, it has been revealed that the person they were talking to was actually an undercover FBI agent. According to the agent, the couple was involved in the scam for a year and a half.

Diana Toebbe reportedly aided her husband to sell the military information. He had access to classified military information and used it for his personal interest.

Diana Toebbe Jonathan Toebbe Wife: Where Is She Now?

Diana Toebbe and Jonathan Toebbe are currently in FBI custody.

Both of them are charged with passing the classified information to a foreign country. They will soon be facing trial for their charges. The couple hadn’t contacted the lawyer until this article was written.

The facts about their net worth and finances are still under review. We will update them soon.

Diana and Jonathan Toebbe Children And Family

Diana and Jonathan Toebbe shared a picture holding a child together. Further details on the Toebbe family remain unconfirmed.

The details about the Toebbe family are still unavailable as the FBI has passed minimum info about the case until now.

Diana’s husband, Jonathan Toebbe worked as a nuclear engineer for the US government since 2012. It was after April 2020 the couple started to sell information.

They sold details include the secrets of a US submarine. As confirmed by the FBI, the couple continued selling the secrets after the FBI accused them of it.

Updated: October 10, 2021 — 11:16 pm

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