Was Kathy Hart Fired From Eric and Kathy: Everything On What happened To The Radio Host

Why Did Kathy Leave Eric and Kathy? Here are all the answers to your questions on why she left the hit show.

Kathy Hart is an American news host and media personality. She was predominantly known for her veteran career at WGN 720-AM where she worked as a news presenter.

She worked alongside Eric Ferguson on ‘Eric and Kathy’ which was a hit show on Chicago radio stations. Her leaving the show and abrupting her 21-year-old career in the studio had made headlines back then.

Why Did Kathy Leave Eric and Kathy? Was Kathy Hart Fired?

Kathy Hart left the show ‘Eric and Kathy’ in 2017 without fully revealing the reasons behind it.

Moreover, it is confirmed that she had not been fired by the radio station, in fact, she was herself who quit the show.

Leaving aside her veteran career, she was questioned by many as she gave little hints on her actions. In recent years, the reason behind Kathy leaving the show has been put forward by many netizens.

As her partner, Eric Ferguson has landed in serious lawsuits by his co-anchor Melissa McGurren, it can be deduced that Kathy may have faced the same fate as Melissa.

According to Melissa, she was physically, mentally, and financially tortured by Eric and the owner of the radio station.

Melissa alleges that she worked in a hostile work environment, defamation and infliction of emotional distress, and was “intentionally paid less than her male co-workers.”

Considering the show’s history, after Kathy’s sudden resignation, Melissa had also quit the show in 2020 that supports her lawsuit.

Learn More About Kathy Hart

Kathy Hart is a natural-born American citizen.

Although the precise particulars of her family background and her early life are not accessible at the moment, she became the state’s celebrity due to the popularity of ‘Eric and Kathy’.

She along with Eric were inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2016. Eric went on to become Chicago’s No.1 radio personality while Kathy put an end to her career.

As of today, she is reported to reside in Bozeman, Montana, with her family.

Follow Kathy Hart On Twitter

Kathy Hart has a Twitter handle under the username @KathyHartRadio where she is followed by more than 7.2k followers.

She has music, food, and a love lover per her Twitter handle bio. As of recently, she has refrained from being active on the platform.

Updated: October 6, 2021 — 2:26 pm

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