What does Fairy Comments TikTok List Mean? Are They Good Comments

Many of us use TikTok for the videos posted by the content creators. But, sometimes we find gold in unexpected places. In fact, some times the comment section on the videos are more entertaining than the video itself. Such is the tale of Mean Fairy Comments on TikTok right now. 

As an avid user of the TikTok app, you might have noticed comments featuring heart and fairy emojis recently. These comments are called mean fairy comments. However, just with these emojis doesn’t make it a mean fairy comment. The comments always have an unexpected end to it.

The comments usually start off with a positive vibe. But, there are two parts of mean fairy comment. And, the second part will change the whole meaning behind their comments.

For example, the comment may start with “You are the best”. And this makes the reader think that the comment will be a sweet note for their favorite TikTok user. However, the second part will change the meaning behind the first part of their comment. Likewise, the second part can say “at making bad videos” or “at looking ugly” or something else.

And this is how the mean fairy comments are usually posted. Fun fact, according to self-proclaimed Gen Z whisperer Tiffany Zhong, the very first mean fairy comment was posted on April 10th, 2010.

Literature is a very vast subject. And the content of which, can be used in over day to day conversations. In fact, the mean fairy comments can be called the modern version of literary devices used by comedians and philosophers. And what is the name of this device you may be wondering, it is called Paraprosdokians. 

Paraprosdokian is a figure of speech. In fact, it is used in the latter part of a sentence or phrase to surprise or make your sentence shocking. However, it is not only used the meaning of an early phrase/sentence. As a matter of fact, it can also be used for a play on the doubling meaning of a particular word. 

If you’re wondering about the nature of mean fairy comments, then here is what we think. Any comment is a good comment for a social media influencer/star. In fact, even though it may seem like a mean comment and will hurt the feelings of the internet celeb, it does not change the fact that they are receiving exposure to their contents.

As a matter of fact, most of the mean fairy comments are written by their fans. Thus, those comments are usually written with a humorous purpose in mind. And, they do not hold any animosity with the content creator. In conclusion, we do not believe that the mean fairy comments are actually bad comments per se.

Updated: October 8, 2021 — 1:16 pm

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