What happened to Bert Newton Leg? Health Update And Cancer Rumors

What happened to Bert Newton Leg? Bert had it amputated on Saturday opting to live.

Check out the latest update on Bert’s health in this article.

Bert Newton is an Australian media personality. He is recognized as an AM and MBE for 63 years long service.

What happened to Bert Newton Leg? Injury And Health

Bert Newton’s leg has been amputated on Saturday.

Bert had to make the decision as he faced a ‘life or death’ situation following his ill health. His wife said he made the decision to see his grandchildren grow up. She told her husband has support from all his family in this tough situation.

The Australian TV star had developed an infection in his toe in late 2020. He was left with no choice but to see off his land to continue living.

Bert has been facing numerous health issues for years. He underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery in 2012. Also, he was admitted to the hospital many times in 2017 as he suffered pneumonia.

Does Bert Newton Have Cancer?

Bert Newton reportedly does not have cancer.

Newton had a bacterial infection in his toe. He has been fighting with the condition for over six weeks. He was admitted to the Epworth Hospital just before Christmas in 2020.

According to PerthNow, Newton bought himself a few years to live after amputating his infected leg. In fact, he made a brave decision all for his family.

Bert Newton Wife Patti Newton: His Children

Bert married his wife Patti McGrath Newton in 1974.

Interestingly, Patti was his co-worker while Newton was hosting The Channel 9 show. Besides, Patti is an Australian singer, dancer, stage performer, and presenter in radio and TV shows.

Patti is about six years younger than her husband. Bert reportedly lived with his mom till he reached 36 years of age.

Bert and Patti have two children, a son, and a daughter. Their son Matthew is an actor in movies and TV dramas. Lauren is the wife of Matt Welsh, a swimmer. Notably, Bert and Patti have six grandchildren.

Updated: September 27, 2021 — 10:36 pm

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