What Is Karina Kurzawa’s Age? Details On The Young Youtuber

Some people were wondering if Karina Kurzawa is 11 or 14 years old. We have got the answer, Karina turned 14 this March.

Karina Kurzawa is a Canadian YouTuber. She also has got some Polish roots.

Karina is the older sister of fellow YouTuber RonaldOMG. On their channel Sis vs. Bro, they have got 14 million subscribers.

She does makeup and fashion videos. Sometimes Karina also does vlogs, fashion challenges, and other random things.

What Is Karina Kurzawa’s Age?

Karina Kurzawa is 14 years old. 

Karina was born on March 23, 2007.

Meet Karina Kurzawa On Tik Tok

Karina Kurzawa is not on Tik Tok.

There’s a Tik Tok account under Karina’s name. Some people are getting confused whether if it is of her.

It is not her official handle but a fan page run by Karina’s beloved fans.

Who Are Karina Kurzawa’s Parents?

Freddy Kurzawa and Aga Kurzawa are the parents of Karina Kurzawa.

However, they have not revealed their actual last name. This is because of privacy. “Kurzawa” is their nickname and not their real surnames.

They did this to protect their identities.

Freddy is a Polish-Canadian gaming YouTuber. His nickname is FreddyGoesBoom. Freddy opened his YouTube channel on May 15, 2016.

He uploads Among Us and Fortnite gameplay videos was a former player of Minecraft and Roblox.

Freddy and Aga are parents of three children: Ronald, Karina, and Aria. Aria is their youngest child.

Net Worth Of Karina Kurzawa

As of July 7, 2020, the mixed net worth of Karina Kurzawa and her brother, Ronald, is $20 million. 

This information was kept on Gazillions.

Karina is one of the richest kid YouTubers. From her Youtube channel, Kurzawa earns up to an estimated yearly earning of $4.5K – $72.7K.

She has got 1.43 million subscribers, and the family channel Sis Vs. Bro has an outstanding number of subscribers. They have got 42,737,285 million subscribers.

Updated: October 11, 2021 — 11:15 am

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