What Is Makayla Culpepper Old Row TikTok? Details On Alabama Rush Video

What Is Makayla Culpepper Old Row TikTok? The sorority pledge trend and the Alabama Rush is getting a lot of public consideration, including appreciation and mostly critisim. 

Tiktok has always acted as a great source for sharing information, entertaining people, and creating content.

However, not everything that is posted gets a positive review by the people. Well, the majority of posts do not.

Different trends appear on the platforms and people follow those trends for fun. Mostly, this happens because of people’s eager wish to do those trends for themselves because they are very amazing.

However, sometimes, the trends are followed to mock people and portray satire through the following of trends.

Just like a recent trend called the “Why were you so rude” where people mocked the original creator, the current trend of Makayla Culpepper Old Row is getting similar criticism.

What Is Makayla Culpepper Old Row TikTok?

Makayla Culpepper Old Row is a video trend created because of a university student after she joined the sorority pledge.

In the video, a TikTok user named Makayla and her friends has stated what they are wearing and portraying that in a southern accent.

To this video, people are not giving a decent review because they are thinking that they are faking their accents and it is not real.

While some are supporting them the majority of people are criticizing them.

Hence, as a representation of humor, people are creating videos in similar ways and are using fake accents and vague dress-ups to mock the original creators.

So, this trend is given the name of Makayla Culpepper Old Row TikTok.

Who Is Makayla Culpepper? Wiki Bio

Makayla Culpepper is a young college student and now a social media sensation where she has become famous because of her Old Row TikTok.

She is a student at the University of Alabama and has started to study there.

However, it is her TikTok account, running under the username whatwouldjimmybuffettdo that has made her a web star.

She now has nearly 100k followers on TikTok and more than 800k likes in her videos overall.

However, currently, she is banned by TikTok and cannot post any further content.

She is in the sorority pledge program in her university named sisterhood.

Apart from these details, there is currently no further information regarding her because she has just started to be seen on the media.

Makayla Culpepper Alabama Rush Video Explained

Well, the video is viral and mocked by many, but what was the purpose of the video is still a mystery for many.

Makayla, as mentioned was in a sorority pledge program called sisterhood. To be precise, sorority means a group of females in a university or college.

Hence, for the representation of their sorority pledge, Makayla and her other program members posted a video explaining their dress-ups in a southern accent.

Since this happened in the University of Alabama, the video is known as Alabama Rush Video and the hashtag #bamarish has over 26 million views.

Well, despite all the efforts she supposedly put, Makayla has now been removed from every sorority.

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 11:56 am

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