What Is Nick Daicos’s Age? How Old Is The Athlete

Nick Daicos is 18 years old footballer.

Nick Daicos is a standout player for 2021’s draft crop.

Nick is the son of a famous Australian pro football player, Peter Daicos. He is considered as the no.1 Collingwood prospect.

What Is Nick Daicos’s Age?

Nick Daicos is 18 years old. He turned 18 this January.

He was born in 2003.

Does Nick Daicos Have A Wikipedia?

Nick Daicos is not available on Wikipedia.

Though his father and brother have a page made for them by Wikipedia, Nick is left to be featured.

He is creating a good reputation and recognition; Nick will get a spot soon on the official page of Wikipedia.

What Is Nick Daicos’s Height?

 Nick Daicos stands at a spectacular height of 6 feet. 

His father, Peter, is also precisely 6 feet. Josh, Nick’s brother, is the shortest one in the family. He stands at 5 feet and 8 inches.

Is Nick Seeing Anyone? Girlfriend

Nick has not given a single hint on who he is seeing.

There are no details of Nick Daicos’s girlfriend.

Parents Of Nick Daicos

Nick is the son of Peter Daicos. Peter is a former Australian football player. He played over 250-game career with the Collingwood Football Club in the VFL/AFL.

Peter has got two sons, Josh and Nick. Josh is also a professional Australian rules footballer and plays for the same club, the Collingwood Football Club.

There is no mention of Nick’s mother in any media. The identity of Nick’s mother is not known.

What Is Nick Daicos’s Net Worth?

Nick Daicos is in his late teens and has not sprouted massive wealth. No one has covered his total earnings.

He is a rising star in the Australian Football League.

Furthermore, Nick’s father, Peter Daicos, is estimated to be worth $9 million by NetWorthPost. 

He started playing football in 1979 and stopped in 1993.

Updated: October 11, 2021 — 12:15 pm

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