Who Are CJ Anderson Parents? Meet Neva And Barbara Gaddies

Neva and Barbara Gaddies are mostly known as the parents of famous footballer C.J. Anderson. Let’s learn more about their ethnicity and biography. 

C.J. Anderson was born to his Afro-American parents, Neva and Barbara Gaddies, in Berkeley, CA.

The hard-working and middle-class parents played a vital role in securing Anderson’s bright future in American football.

C.J. Anderson – full name Cortrelle Javon Anderson is a retired American running back and current football coach.

After retiring from his professional career, Anderson is currently serving as a volunteer coach at the University of California, Berkeley – the same football team where he played football for years.

C.J. Anderson’s Parents: Neva and Barbara Gaddies Ethnicity

Neva and Barbara Gaddies are the proud parents of famous American Footballer C.J. Anderson.

They are of Afro-American ethnicity. Although Neva and Barbara were born in America and spent all of their life in the same country, they still feel bound by the African soil.

They were the natives of Vallejo, CA, and spent most of their lives in the same city.

Anderson has always been respectful of his parent’s sacrifice and dedication to raising him into a successful man.

Growing up in a black neighborhood, Anderson still remembers his parent’s struggle and hardship.

Since Neva and Barbara were middle-class parents, they couldn’t afford to send him to a big University for education.

But thanks to Anderson’s skills and dedication as a footballer, he was fortunate enough to roll into the University of California, Berkeley, and start his professional career.

C.J. Anderson Biography

C.J. Anderson’s biography tells us about his dedication and continuous hardship in his whole career.

He was born on the 10th of February, 1991, to Afro-American parents in Berkeley, California.

The thirty years old retired footballer belongs to the Afro-American ethnic community and holds American citizenship.

He started his high-level professional career in 2013 when the Denver Broncos signed him as a free agent.

As a pro footballer, he added an estimated $5 million to his fortune during his whole NFL career.

He started his career with Denver Broncos and later played for other teams like Carolina Panthers, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, and Detroit Lions.

In 2006 while playing for the Denver Broncos, he earned a whopping $6 million annually.

Currently, he lives with his girlfriend, Raquel Torres and has a daughter together.

The couple is enjoying quality time with their toddler daughter.

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