Who Are Saya Sakakibara Parents? Martin And Yuki Sakakibara Ethnicity And Family Background

Saya Sakakibarais one of the Olympian cyclists who is taking part in the BMX, making her parents and brother Kai proud. 

Saya Sakakibara is a Japanese-Australian cyclist who competes in every BMX supercross event.

She is one of the greatest cyclists with over 5 times a record of winning a world championship. Saya is now in the Tokyo Olympics.

Saya has entered the Semi-finals of BMX racing, and she will compete to get qualified for the finals and go for the gold.

Who Are Saya Sakakibara Parents Martin And Yuki?

Saya Sakakibara’s parents are very proud of her.

She was born to a Japanese mother, Yuki, and her Australian father, Martin.

Saya was once asked if she was forced by her parents to joining the same sports as he brother; she replied, it was he own decision, and she loved the sport.

Saya’s parents were always supportive of her and helped Saya to achieve her Olympic dreams. Further, there is still a lot of things that we are yet to know about Saya’s parents.

Who Is Saya Sakakibara Brother Kai?

Saya Sakakibara’s brother Kai is also a BMX cyclist.

On top of that, Saya is younger than her brother Kai, and he was his inspiration for Saya to join the BMX tracks.

Sadly Kai would also have been part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but he suffered a very lethal accident, sending him into several months of coma.

He fell on the track facing his head, and it was a devastating accident for Kai, and his Olympic dream was scattered into minutes. He had a very serious brain injury.

He is very happy for his younger sister and is cheering her up from the stands, and he is positive that she will win the Gold.

Kai is still under-recovery; although he has posted videos of him trying to cycle, he still needs more time to be on the professional tracks.

What Is Saya Sakakibara Age? His Ethnicity Explored

Saya Sakakibara is a young woman who is only 21 years old.

She celebrated her birthday on the 23rd of August, and she was born in the year 1999.

She was born on the Gold Coast of Sydney, but she had spent her early year in Japan.

She is an expert in the language and also known how to read and write both languages.

Further, she mentions that the BMX community in Japanese is too small of merely 200 people, in comparison to Australia’s 20,000+.

As mentioned earlier, Saya was born to parents who belong to totally different ethnicity. Her mother is Japanese, and her father is an Australian.

So Saya is of mixed ethnicity of Japanese -Australian, and the same goes for her brother Kai.

Updated: October 13, 2021 — 3:36 pm

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