Who is Actress Andie MacDowell Son? Learn about Justin Qualley Details.

Justin qualley is the eldest son of a famous American actress and fashion model.

Justin has always been in the headline for being the son of a celebrity. People are interested in knowing a life of a celebrity kid.

Although being a celebrity kid, Justin hasn’t considered Hollywood as a career option.

He works as a real estate agent while all of his family is settling their career in Hollywood.

Justin is enjoying his life away from the spotlight. He is rarely caught in the eye of the media.

There isn’t much information about him disclosed yet.

Let us meet the star kid Justin Qualley and his personal details.

Justin Qualley Age

Justin is 35 years of age currently in 2020.

He usually celebrates his birthday on August 14. His full date of birth is 14 of August 1986.

Andie, his mother shared a lovely photo of her and Justin while he was a kid on his birthday.

She expressed her joy of being a mother for the first time and her love for her son through her Instagram post.

Justin Qualley Wikipedia

Although being a star kid, Justin qualley doesn’t have his Wikipedia bio.

He always stays low profile on his own and doesn’t use social media often. He is seen on some of the photos shared by his family.

He has been very vocal about his privacy and enjoys his life away from the spotlight under the closed curtains.

Justin was born in 1986 by Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley.

Although, they are divorced and don’t live together.

He was born in the United States and is of white ethnicity.

Justin is active on Instagram but has a private account. He only follows his close friends and family.

Justin Qualley Partner

There hasn’t been any confirmation about Justin Love’s life.

Justin hasn’t come forward in the media to confirm his partner.

With the reports we have, Justin is either single or dating a girl behind the closed curtains.

Justin Qualley Parents

Justin was born in a family of celebrities.

His mother, Andie MacDowell is a popular American actress and fashion model.

She played a number of roles in movies like Micheal, Multiplicity, The end of violence.

Andie even received a golden glode award nomination for her roles in Green Card and Four weddings and a funeral.

Likewise his dad, Paul Qualley is a former model and a rancher.

They were married in 1986 and after 13 years of marriage in 1999, the couple got separated.

Justin Qualley Siblings

Being the eldest in the family, Justin has two younger sisters.

Justin’s younger sisters are named Rainey Qualley and Sarah Margaret Qualley.

Rainey was crowned as Miss Golden Globe of 2012. She started her acting career with the movie “Mighty fine”.

She also is a singer and songwriter for “Rainsford”.

Likewise, Sarah is an actress and model. She is modeling for New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion week.

She has also starred in a number of movies and series.

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