Who Is Actress Jane Goodall Son Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick? Know About Him.

Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick is the son of English primatologist Jane Goodall. Both of Hugo’s parents are popular.

Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick or also known by the nickname “Grub” is the son of Dutch wildlife filmmaker Hugo van Lawick and British anthropologist, Jane Goodall.

The nickname “Grub” was given to him by his parents.

Who Is Actress Jane Goodall Son Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick?

Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick popularly known by “Grub” (as her mother Jane Goodall called him) is a popular figure raised to prominence due to his parents.

His parents, Jane Goodall and Hugo van Lawick are famous personalities recognized by millions of people worldwide.

Eric grew up in the jungles of Africa. Jane had built an extensive, protective cage for her son. She was very cautious as the jungles of Africa is not completely safe. Jane never left his side.

After few years, he was sent back to study in London.

In 1974, Jane and Hugo decided to end their marriage, and officially in 1974, they were divorced. However, they always stayed in a good relation.

After a year, Goodall fell in love with the director of the national parks and member of the parliament of Tanzania, Derek Bryceson. She got married to Derek.

Who Are Jane Goodall And Hugo van Lawick? His Parents

Jane Goodall and Hugo Van Lawick are the parents of Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick. They gave birth to their son on March 4, 1967.

When Louis was born, he was in Nairobi, Kenya. Hugo and Jane married in 1964.

Jane Goodall is a British anthropologist and primatologist. She is considered to be the world’s leading expert on chimpanzees and primates.

She has spent 60 years of her life in the study of family and social interactions of wild chimpanzees

Hugo van Lawick was a Dutch wildlife photographer and filmmaker.

In 1998, Hugo retired due to emphysema (a disease that damages your lungs).

So, he went to live with his son, “Grub” in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. On June 2nd, 2002, Hugo passed away.

Who Is The Wife Of Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick?

Hugo Eric van Lawick has not introduced his wife publicly.

Know About Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick From His Wikipedia

He does not have a Wikipedia page.

Net Worth Of Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick

The net worth of Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick is not discussed.

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