Who Is Anna Sitar Ex Boyfriend? Meet The TikTok Star On Instagram

Anna Sitar broke up with her longtime partner, now an ex-boyfriend, Brandon Hawkins, a few months ago. Fans are curious about her breakup and more. 

Anna Sitar is a female social media star and web personality who is recognized for her millions of followers across different platforms.

With over 10 million followers on Tiktok, she has gathered a huge fan base and also become an influence for many.

Anna has many fans across other platforms like Instagram, and even youtube, where the netizens adore her content and consider it to be very “cute”.

With her rising popularity and fame on different social platforms, people seem very eager to find out more and more about the web star.

Hence, matters concerning her personal life and private details are gathering a lot of public attention.

Also, since she reveals pretty much a lot about what happens in her life, extracting information regarding her is not very difficult for web users.

Who is TikTok star Anna Sitar Ex-Boyfriend? Her Breakup Details

TikTok star Anna Star was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Hawkins for a long time, until their breakup a few months ago.

Anna and Brandon were a very famous couple because of the large number of followers Anna had. They first met when they were in high school.

Additionally, Anna was in her junior year and Brandon was in her senior year. So, they have been together ever since.

Also, since Anna did upload some quality content regarding her relationship with her boyfriend, people knew even more about them with passing time.

The information regarding when they exactly broke up is not available yet, but when we see her videos, the comments from as early as 6 months ago have given hints of their break up.

Hence, it can be said that they have gotten split for over 6 months. Also, there are a few people who have said that they noticed the off-charm between them in the video.

One user has even said that Brandon seemed very disconnected from Anna, and a lot of people have agreed with that.

Well, what led to their breakup is not mentioned because Anna only announced that they have split. However, it seems clear that they did not have a big fight but had a mutual breakup instead.

Anna Sitar Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is The TikTok Star?

The TikTok star Anna Sitar’s age is 24 years old.

She was born on March 30, 1997, in Pennsylvania, United States. However, she has spent the majority of her life in Michigan.

Despite being a web star with millions of followers, she does not have a Wikipedia page yet. But there are enough sources that contain information about her.

Anna, as mentioned, grew up in Marshall, Michigan, and she even did her undergraduate and graduate courses from universities in Michigan.

She is not just a web star but also a Mechanical Engineer. However, after her bachelor’s degree in this field, she got her master’s degree in Film and Television Production.

Well, she definitely applied her knowledge regarding Film and Television Production and became a great social success.

Anna Sitar Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

According to Projecttopics, Anna Sitar has an estimated net worth of over $200,000.

She is a social media sensation with wonderful quality vlogging, quality content, be it comedy or serious, and many more.

Hence, for a personality of such talents and popularity, a net worth of over two hundred thousand dollars is pretty obvious.

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 11:56 am

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