Who Is Baker’s Dozen’s Bill Yosses Husband Charlie Fabella Jr? Everything To Know About

Charlie Fabella Jr

Charlie Jandusay Fabella Jr., a teacher, married Bill Yosses, the White House executive pastry chef, on Tuesday. To learn more about Charlie Fabella Jr., keep reading the article.

Fabella works at Public School 54 in Jamaica, Queens, as a special education teacher and reading specialist.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila.

He graduated from St. Joseph’s College in Manila with a master’s degree in special education and Columbia University with a master’s degree in reading.

Charlie Jandusay Fabella Jr, Age

Fabella is 38 years old today, according to reports. In addition, Charlie Fabella Jr’s husband, Bill Yosses, is 57 years old.

However, just their age has been revealed on the internet. Their exact date of birth is yet to be revealed.

Only their age has been disclosed on the internet. Their precise birthday is yet to be confirmed.

However, we are compiling all available information on them in order to make it available to our readers as quickly as possible.

Charlie Jandusay Fabella Jr Wikipedia

Neither Fabella nor his husband William Yosses is registered in Wikipedia. However, we have some interesting facts which might interest you.

Fabella is the son of Manila’s Charlie S. Fabella Sr. and Guadalupe Fabella. His father worked for Rail Shipping, a shipping business located in Cyprus, as a commercial sea captain.

Whereas, Mr. Yosses, 57, has worked in restaurants such as Montrachet, Bouley, and Tavern on the Green in New York. He started working at the White House in 2007 when Laura Bush recruited him.

Charlie Fabella Jr Net Worth

As of now, Charlie Fabella’s net worth is unknown. However, because he works at a public school, his annual income is projected to be $71,473.

Based on his wages, he must have amassed sufficient wealth to sustain his everyday routine.

However, we are attempting to ascertain his true net worth in order to keep our readers informed.

Charlie Fabella Twitter

Charlie Fabella Jr. has a Twitter handle with the same name. However, whether it is genuine or fake has yet to be determined.

His husband, Bill Yosses, on the other hand, is quite active on Twitter.

Yosses uses the handle @BillYosses on Twitter. He started using Twitter in February 2017 and already has 243 followers.

Updated: October 9, 2021 — 1:34 pm

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