Who Is Bank Robber Candice Martinez? All About The Cell Phone Bandit From”My True Crime Story”

Cell Phone Bandit Candice Martinez, aged 35, is living a happy life now after getting out of prison for bank robbery.

Candice Martinez is known to be an American woman who robbed 4 banks during her teenage years.

Martinez was given the nickname ‘Cell phone Bandit’ by the national media as she was recorded speaking on her cell phone while robbing the banks.

The surveillance footage of her committing the crime was telecasted worldwide where she was seen talking on her cell phone.

Martinez committed 4 bank robberies in Northern Virginia in 2005.

She was arrested by the Fairfax County authorities in Centreville on November 15, 2005.

Further, the cell phone bandit was sentenced to 12 years behind the bars followed by a 5 years of probation period.

Now, after 16 years of the crime, VH1 has decided to show the world on what actually happened as their show ‘My true crime story’ explores the crimes of Candice Martinez.

Candice Martinez Age: How Old Is She Now In 2021?

Candice Martinez’s age is 35 years old.

Martinez was 19 years old studying at the Northern Virginia Community College when she robbed a bank.

She was born in 1986 but her date of birth has not been revealed to date.

With her date of birth being unknown, Martinez’s zodiac sign could not be known.

Who Is Candice Martinez Boyfriend Dave C. Williams?

Candice Martinez partnered with her boyfriend Dave C. Williams to rob the bank in Virginia.

The couple successfully robbed 4 banks in the 1 month from October and November 2005.

Although it was Martinez who did all the work inside the bank, Williams helped her become the getaway driver after the crime.

Williams who was also 19 at that time committed robberies with Martinez in Manassas, Springfield, and Ashburn.

The cell phone bandit was later revealed to be talking to her boyfriend Dave C. Williams at the time of the robbery.

Williams was arrested on November 14, 2005.

The couple collected the total sum of $48,620 in their four heists and bought themselves a 1997 Acura Integra, 2 big screen T.V, designer clothes, a digital camera, and a computer.

Is Cell Phone Bandit Candice Martinez Still In Prison?

No, Candice Martinez is not in prison now. She walked out of prison 10 years after stepping into the Danbury Correctional Facility.

She was noticed for her good behavior during her time in the Correctional facility which led her to return to her home.

Martinez has found herself a new life after walking out as she lives with her family and is close to her mother, grandmother, niece, and nephews.

She had a rough childhood as her father was a bully she was troubled with emotional and sexual abuse.

After returning from Danbury, she went back to school to be an aesthetician and opened a business later.

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