Who is Basketball Player Isaac Burton From ASU? Bad Sports Netflix Story About The Athlete Turned Criminal

When Randy Lanier was a criminal who first started smuggling marijuana into the United States, he needed trustworthy associates to help him solve problems. Charles Podesta, the doorman, and bookkeeper, were one of them.

‘Bad Sport: Need for Weed,’ a Netflix original film, chronicles Randy’s astonishing ascension through the world of motor racing, which he sponsored with his weed business, as well as his relationship with Charles.

Each of them had been arrested at the top, and Charles had to testify against Randy. So, if you’re curious about where he’s likely to be right now, here’s what we know so far!

Who Is Randy Lanier Friend Charles Podesta?

Randy began his criminal company by smuggling marijuana into the United States from the Bahamas. Randy needed a stash house as his stock increased, and to do so, he needed to hire a leader who could lease a property.

Charles Podesta stepped in to help. He was the CEO of a company that imported cheese from Italy, according to the episode. As a result, Charles began looking for a large, remote property to store the cannabis.

Charles and Randy became close over time, and Randy was the best man at Charles’ wedding. But, with the FBI closing in on them, their scheme couldn’t survive much longer.

Where Is He Now: ‘Bad Sport: Need for Weed’ Netflix Story Details

Charles was accused of conspiring to bring marijuana into the country and distribute it. According to the show, he was sentenced to around twelve years in prison, of which he served about seven. Charles also mentioned that he was gay but lacked the nerve to say so at the time.

Randy and Charles reunited after Randy’s release and talked about the good old days. Randy also stated on the broadcast that he did not hold Charles responsible for his prison sentence because it was his acts that led to his imprisonment.

Charles, on the other hand, seems to have faded from view after his release, very little is known about his recent whereabouts.

Charles Podesta’s Age & Wife

Any personal information related to Charles Podesta is yet to be revealed.

Charles Podesta’s Net Worth

The front guy for Randy, Charles Podesta’s net worth, is still under review and is yet to be revealed.

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