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Bigg Jah

Social sites such as YouTube has been an easy way for fame and popularity these days. It’s no certainty that people will come to like you, enjoy your content like every time you upload a video on YouTube, but in hundreds, if only one of your content goes viral, then congrats, you did the best thing. A decent job, but the outcome will be outrageous. Recently we have heard of many YouTubers who have been pulling a decent job on the social site. While it appears as some are just for the sake of being there, many have really managed to have their audiences occupied with their YouTube videos. Be it app reviews, anime videos, movie spoilers, gaming videos, this sort of things are quite popular on YouTube these days. Likewise, today we bring you a story of a similar social media personality who has pulled out a decent job on YouTube and have been entertaining his audiences with witty YouTube videos. With over 543 thousand subscribers in recent time, Bigg Jah has been known for his funny skirt YouTube videos, which she shots along with other web co-stars. Alongside his popularity of a YouTuber, Bigg Jah is also a filmmaker, actor, writer and comedian. Here’s what you might want to know about the YouTuber and his funny skit YouTube videos.

Bigg Jah Cast Members

Famed for his funny skit YouTube videos, Bigg Jah really doesn’t get to lift all the credits for his YouTube videos. Jah might be the mastermind behind his videos, the guys do all the script things, but he’s not all who have pulled off 543 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel so far. Thankfully with a number of hands to his aid, the actor cum comedian really has managed to have his audiences occupied with his videos.

Bigg Jah Height

Bigg Jah is blessed with decent height and is known for his gigantic appearance. The details of his body measurements; height, weight are still unknown.

Bigg Jah Age

Bigg Jah was born in the American land, but the details of his age, exact birthplace, and date of birth are still unknown. As there haven’t been any official Wikipedia dedicated to the YouTuber, there haven’t been many details of his personal life, early life so far. However, as it appears to be the filmmaker could be running in his 40s.

Who is Bigg Jah? Bigg Jah Bio

Bigg Jah born as Jahadi Pickett is an African-American YouTuber, filmmaker, actor, writer, and comedian. Mostly known for his self-titled YouTube channel, Jah managed to pull off his work in the field of acting, filmmaking, script, and comedy and a big thanks go to his fame as a YouTuber. The YouTuber was born to African parents in American. His nationality is American and belongs to the black ethnicity. The details of his parents and siblings are still unknown. Jah completed his schooling at his hometown in American, after which he launched his YouTube channel on December 13, 2011. Since he kicked up his channel on the social site, Jah has been known as one of the popular and accomplished social media personality.
Updated: September 13, 2021 — 1:00 pm

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