Who Is Brittiny Lopez-Murray? Hialeah Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Activity

Brittiny Lopez Murray is a Hialeah teacher who was arrested after police found out that she was involved in sexual activity with a student. 

Brittiny was arrested on October 4, 2021, after police interviewed the 14 years old about his relationship with the teacher.

The teacher was picking him up from the Basketball court and playgrounds, and they were involved in the sexual activity in Brittiny’s car.

Who Is Brittiny Lopez-Murray? Hialeah Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Activity

Brittiny was a drama instructor at Hialeah Center for middle school kids.

News broke on the internet after she was arrested and jailed at the Miami Dade jail.

The victim’s sister and father reported to the police after they caught the teenager having an inappropriate relationship with his elder teacher.

She has been charged for involving in a sexual act with an underage boy, and Miami District Court is handling her case.

Brittiny used to teach drama to the kids of Hialeah Center, and the kid whose identity has been kept a secret used to attend the school.

The 14 years old was first approached by Brittiny when she expressed her love for him.

They first met at a cafe to share coffee and then grew closer and more physical with each other.

Brittiny was awarded the ‘Rookie Teacher of the Year’ in 2017 by the Hialeah Teaching Committee, and her previous disciplinary records were good as per the department reports.

She has not yet spoken on the matter, and her protection attorneys are still to address her at the jail.

Brittiny Lopez-Murray Sexual Relation with Her Student

Brittiny tried to flirt and be close to her 14 years old student on many occasions. He became close to her post their cafe drink meeting and went to places together.

On many occasions and after many of his Basketball sessions, Brittiny and the boy would be involved in immoral sex in the car.

The car was reported to have been stationed at a nearby park on many occasions.

After the teenager left the school, the texts and meets didn’t stop.

Brittiny would constantly pursue the boy and share explicit, vulgar images with him.

The boy’s phone was seized by his father, who found out the nudes she shared with him.

His sister initially doubted the boy when he started sticking by the phone for way too long.

The parents then filed the report, and police were called to investigate the boy who shared the dark secret about the seemingly innocent teacher.

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