Who Is Bryan Battle? Learn Everything About UFC Fighter

Bryan Battle also known as Pooh Bear is the UFC Fighter. The athlete is not covered in Wikipedia. But here’s everything about him.

Bryan is a freestyle fighter under middleweight. He started training in April 2016.  He was a fan and always thought of having at least 1 fight.

As of now, he had already had 16 fights. He got various ranks and titles as listed below;

Level 4 in Hayastan Grappling System

205 amateur champ and 185 amateur champ

#1 ranked amateur at 205/185m in Southeast region

He showed incredible performance in UFC fights. Fighting with Gibert Urbina, he made his way to the final run.

Currently, he became the center of attention among fight lovers.

Who is Bryan Battle? Know about his Wikipedia Bio

Bryan Battle aka Pooh Bear is a professional mixed martial artist. He belongs to Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I’m gonna win. There is no ‘whether you win or not-I’m gonna win,” this is what Bryan said;

on media day when the 16 contestants on Season 29 were about to head for UFC. He is indeed a determined fighter.

However, Pooh Bear is not covered in Wikipedia, so much of his detail is extracted from his interviews and web.

He considers his parents to be his idol. The athlete spokes highly about his parents, them being great in their unique ways.

Plus he exclaimed it is because of them what he is now, even without one of their absences he could have grown differently.

He seems very close to his sister, for we find him thanking her for helping him to get into his love life.

He often shares family photos on his Facebook page.

UFC Fighter Bryan Battle Age – His Height and Weight

Bryan Battle was born on September 21, 1994. He is 26 years of age. And falls on the star sign Virgo-Libra cusp.

The height of the athlete is 1.85 meters and he weighs up to 183 lbs ( 83KG)

Meet UFC Fighter’s Girlfriend – Is he married?

Bryan’s girlfriend was Caitlin Battle. After having a long-term relationship, the couple got married.

So She is his life partner and they are soon parents to be. Three weeks ago he posted a photo of the baby shower.

I believe you can’t wait to see his baby too, for sure he will introduce him/her to his fan.

He often posts his family photos on his Instagram. He has two accounts on Instagram.

Follow him @pooh_bear_battle68 and @poohbearbattle68.

Learn about Bryan Battle’s Net Worth

Bryan Battle’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

His exact earnings and net worth have not been published so far.

The main sources of income for him at the moment are paychecks, fight to win bonuses, a fight of the night, and performance of the night.

Updated: September 17, 2021 — 10:27 pm

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