Who Is Carolina Novaes From Love Is Blind? Meet Her On Instagram

Carolina Novaes from Love Is Blind Brazil is a 30 years old lawyer who is paired with her partner Hudson Mendes. Are they still together? Learn more in the article below.

Carolina Novaes will make her debut in the show Love Is Blind: Brazil, also known as Casamento s Cegas: Brasil.

The beautiful independent lady has already won the hearts of millions, and as a result, people are eager to learn more about her life.

Who Is Carolina Novaes From Love Is Blind Brazil?

Carolina Novaes from Love Is Blind Brazil is a lawyer and the President of the Commission on Racial and Gender Equality.

She is a 30-year-old self-sufficient woman who was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil.

Carolina is a fun-loving girl who enjoys working out, dancing, and drinking. She is a member of the beach team who enjoys getting up and going to bed early, and on Fridays, she likes to watch Netflix and eat pizza without ketchup.

Her life mantra is: obey your instinct and wishes without any worry or need for authorization from others, as long as you don’t harm someone else.

Who Is Carolina Novaes Husband Hudson Mendes?

Carolina Novaes’s husband Hudson Mendes is a 27 years old businessman from São Paulo.

Although Hudson did not leave an impression on many of the ladies, he did make a good first impression on Carolina.

Their first encounter was so strong that Hudson stated that he didn’t want to meet anyone else in the show besides Carolina.

And after several meetings, they fell in love with not only each other’s maturity and flirtatious essence, but also their parental and ethnic beliefs.

Carolina was the first to admit her feelings, and soon after, Hudson reciprocated them without hesitation.

Are Carolina Novaes And Hudson Mendes Still Together?

It is not clear whether Carolina Novaes and Hudson Mendes are still together or not.

Hudson and Carolina’s bond only grew stronger when they met in person, as physical attraction also played a role.

However, when they walked into the real world, things began to change. Carolina’s unwavering character, opinions, and activism were to blame. The involvement of third parties is also a factor.

Hudson believed that his fiancee was depicting him as a tyrant and sexist. But, that was not actually the case.

Although Hudson admired her and encouraged her acts, the disparity between classic and contemporary values seemed to cause problems.

With that said, It’s uncertain if Hudson Mendes and Carolina Novaes actually tied the knot or not.

Meet Carolina Novaes On Instagram

Carolina Novaes is active on Instagram as @caahnovaes.

With only 131 postings on her Instagram profile, she has a massive 7,879 followers.

Novaes primarily utilizes Instagram to keep her followers up to date on her vacations and photo shoots. She also occasionally shares photos of her family.

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