Who is Catherine Letarte? Meet The Maxime Bernier Wife

Catherine Letarte

Catherine Letarte, the wife of Maxime Bernier, a Canadian Politician

Who Is Catherine Letarte? Learn About Her.

Catherine Letarte is the wife of a Canadian politician, Maxime Bernier, a famous politician, businessman, and lawyer.

Catherine Letarte has been in a relationship with Maxime Bernier since 2010. After dating for nine years. Later on, they tied the knot in the summer of 2019.

Maxime Berner has posted their wedding photo on his official Instagram page, hon.maximebernier.

Catherine Letarte is a trained ballerina who got the training at National Ballet School. She also works for a women’s shelter. Currently, she is running a community center for adults living with mental health issues.

Age Of Catherine Letarte, The Wife of a politician, Maxime Bernier,

Catherine Letarte is currently running in her early fifties. She is 51 years old.

Maxime Berner has posted a video with his wife Catherine Letarte, wishing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to his followers.

Catherine Letarte, unlike her politician husband, had kept her social media sites private. She doesn’t post her photos. Her husband has pots many pictures of the couple on his Instagram on several occasions.

How much does Catherine Letarte earn? Catherine Letarte Net Worth

The net worth of trained ballerina Catherine Letarte is yet to be discovered as she has not disclosed her information on any of her social sites.

The net worth of the politician, Maxime Berner, is also not mentioned. But according to celebsagewiki, the net worth of the politician, Maxime Berner, is about $1m to $5m.

Catherine Letarte Children Family

Catherine Letarte is married to a politician, lawyer, as well as businessman Maxime Berner. They have two daughters. Maxime Berner has posted a photo on Instagram, hoping his followers to have a good time with their family members.

The photo includes the couple with their two teenage daughters.

Catherine Letarte Biography Of Trained- Ballerina

The private life of the wife of a politician, Catherine Letarte, is not well known, as she prefers to keep it low-key.

Catherine Letarte is working as the Executive Director at Omega Community Resources, a non-profit community organization that supports and assists adults who experience mental health issues.

In one of the Huffington Post Interviews, the trained ballerina told about her relationship with her husband and their first encounter. She said she found Maxime Berner handsome, but she didn’t know who he was. She also mentioned boldly that she had proposed Maxime Berner.

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