Who Is Danny Malin Wife? Everything To Know About The ‘Rate My Takeaway’ YouTuber

Many people are curious about the internet celebrity Danny Malin’s personal life including the details of his wife. 

Danny Malin is a social media influencer as well as a Youtuber.

Malin is a well-known Internet personality in the United Kingdom. Malin hosts the YouTube series Rate My Takeout, in which he visits and reviews takeaway restaurants, primarily in Northern England.

Since Danny’s show’s inception in June 2020, Rate My Takeaway has amassed 350,000 subscribers and over 40 million views as of August 2021.

Danny is popularly known for starting the show with “Now then gentlemen, how are you doing? Back on the road again?”

Who Is Danny Malin Wife Carrie Taylor?

Internet Celebrity Danny Malin is not married but was yet to be married to his partner Carrie Taylor.

The couple intended to marry this year. Unfortunately, Carrie is no more and died on the 23rd of February 2021.

Carrie, who was only 40 years old, had complained of feeling sick on Monday evening 22nd of February and informed Danny that she wanted to go to bed because she was “wobbly,” but as Danny assisted her into their Leeds home’s bedroom, she collapsed back into his arms, having suffered a heart attack.

Carrie was sent to the hospital, where she, unfortunately, died the next day, leaving a “void that will never be filled,” according to Danny.

According to Leeds Live, Danny claimed Carrie was the “heart and soul of the party” and that her death shocked not only him and his family but also his many thousands of social media followers, who would comment on Carrie’s “distinctive laugh” that was featured in all of his videos.

Danny Malin Age

Talking about his age, Danny Malin is currently 41 years old born in the year 1980.

However, his actual birthdate details are unavailable.

Danny Malin Children and Family

Talking about Danny Malin’s children, He has six children.

Danny and Carrie have two children named George and Summer. Carrie also has a child from her previous relationship and is named Jacob.

What Is Danny Malin Net Worth?

Now coming to his income or the net worth details hardly any detail is revealed by Danny Malin. But looking at his lifestyle, we guess, he is earning enough.

According to Wikify Hollywood, His net worth is estimated to be between $100 thousand to 300 thousand.

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 2:56 pm

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