Who Is Gisela Castro Medina? Teen Arrested for Allegedly Helping GOP Strategist Anton Lazzaro

Florida Police officers arrest 19 years old teen Gisela Castro Medina accused of helping GOP Strategist’s underage sex trafficking.

Gisela Castro Medina is a 19 years old student who attends the Catholic University of St. Thomas.

She is the chair of the university’s chapter of Minnesota College Republicans, according to an unverified source.

According to a report from the Daily Beast, a 19-year-old girl who has been accused of assisting a GOP strategist with sex trafficking of underage girls was taken into custody in Florida.

Who Is Gisela Castro Medina? Wiki Bio

Gisela Castro Medina is a 19 years old teen girl from Florida.

She describes herself publicly online as a student living in St. Paul, Minnesota, who attends the Catholic University of St. Thomas.

Moreover, she works at a property management company.

Posted photo to Instagram shows she and her partner in crime Lazzaro together at an event in May, each with a different partner at their side.

How Old Is Gisela Castro Medina? Age Revealed

Gisela Castro Medina is 19 years old as she was born in 2002.

But her exact birthday is still unknown, and she is a very young-aged girl who got arrested for allegedly helping GOP Strategist Anton Lazzaro.

Furthermore, she faces the same criminal charges as her partner in crime Anton faces, sex trafficking of a minor, attempt to commit sex trafficking, and obstruction of justice.

At the moment, Gisela Castro Medina’s net worth is not widely available. However, she faces underaged sex trafficking.

Who Are Gisela Castro Medina Parents?

Gisela Castro Medina’s parents are not disclosed on any social media platforms, and the family lives in Florida, United States.

Although she is a very young-aged girl who committed such a big crime makes her family unproud.

Netizens are very curious about Gisela’s father and mother.

But, there is no information regarding her mum and dad on social media platforms.

However, she is active on social media platforms like Instagram, where she has around 1.1k followers on her official Instagram account.

Unfortunately, her Instagram account got suspended after the incident.

Anton Lazzaro Partner In Crime-Why Is She Arrested?

Police have arrested Gisela Castro Medina, accused of helping a wealthy, young Republican strategist in Minnesota prey on underage girls and recruit them for paid sex.

Officers caught up with Castro Medina that same evening in the Florida panhandle.

Anton Lazzaro is accused of recruiting at least five underage victims for paid sex between May and December 2020.

He is attempting to recruit a sixth. The indictment says he then ‘knowingly and intentionally interfered with the FBI’s investigation as he became aware of it.

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 11:55 am

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