Who Is Golfer Jane Park Daughter Grace Godfrey And What Happened To Her?

Golfer Jane Park’s Daughter is returned to her home from the hospital but she is not recovering well.

The golfers competing on the Solheim Cup sported with a ‘Happy Birthday’ on their hats as they remembered their fellow companion Jane Park’s daughter on the day 2 of the event.

Jane Park, a professional golfer from America is living a hard life for the past two months as her daughter was rushed to the hospital on July 1.

The 34-years-old Chicago, Illinois native Park married to her husband Pete Godfrey in 2017 and the couple gave birth to their beautiful daughter Grace Godfrey in 2020.

However, things have been really difficult for the Godfrey family as they had not expected their life to turn out this way.

Park’s daughter Godfrey was returned to her home on the 3rd of September from the hospital and the golfer is providing the details of the illness of her daughter.

Who Is Grace Godfrey? Golfer Jane Park Daughter Age

Grace Godfrey is a daughter of an American golfer Jane Park and her husband Pete Godfrey.

Born in September 5, 2020, Grace was warmly welcomed by her parents as she became the light of the Godfrey family.

The beautiful daughter who turned 1 on Sunday, however have had a rough two months since July and things are yet to get better for the family.

Grace was born 3 weeks before the due date and since her arrival to this beautiful world, she celebrated a Christmas and Halloween with her family.

The athlete couples were sharing the same roof since 2017 and added a new member to their family after 3 years.

Jane Park is 34 years old who celebrates her birthday in December 15 while her husband Pete Godfrey, caddie for Ariya Jutanugarn, seems to be in his 30s and celebrates his birthday in the 9th of August.

Park Jane Daughter Grace Godfrey Illness

Grace Godfrey was rushed to the hospital in July 1 with seizures and brain swelling.

She was suddenly stricken with the illness when she was just 10-months old and was later taken to the hospital.

However, Grace has not recovered unfortunately. The doctors have revealed that she has a severe brain damage but they are also hopeful that she could be recovered given the right treatment.

A GoFundMe account was started by their friend and LGPA veteran Tiffany Joh to help and support the Godfrey family.

You can help the family by clicking the link here.

Jane Park On Instagram

Jane Park could be found on Instagram under the username @thejanepark

She is being followed by 9,008 followers to date and is 304 posts old.

She provides an updates about her personal and professional life on the platform. She has given the details of her daughter’s health on the recent posts.

Updated: October 5, 2021 — 1:05 pm

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