Who Is Ilknur Biryan Tiktok? Details To Know About Her

Who Is Ilknur Biryan? Ilknur is a famous Tiktoker.Get to know more information about her husband and Instagram details.

Ilknur is a well-known TikTok and social media star.

She has been in the news for a while because she fled away with another man named Esref Temur.

The mom of 7 kids left her house in Samsun on May 24; the married woman of 24 years fled, leaving her home, children, and husband.

Meet her on Instagram

Ilknur Biryan is not available on Instagram neither any other social media platform other than TikTok.

Her TikTok account is under the name @Ilknurbiryan. She has 2238 followers on her TikTok account and 190 likes.

Learn More About Ilknur Biryan

Ebru, the oldest daughter of the pair, who was also seen in the live broadcast, told that her mother spoke to another man on social media and her dad knew that.

The young girl also claimed that her brother also saw their mother’s speech.

Ilknur Biryan claimed Esra Erol that she ran away to Esref Temur of her own free will. She said that she believed her lover, which angered everyone.

She also said that If she had not gotten away from that person, he would have gotten to her for a piece of bread and tobacco.

Ilknur Biryan Husband

Ilknur Biryan is married to her husband Ali Biryan.

Not much information about her husband has been given on the internet. We will update you as soon as we get more information about her husband.

Ali Biryan, who came from Samsun, asked for help from Esra Erol, stating that İlknur Biryan left the house on May 24 and never returned.

Expressing that he loves his wife, Ali Biryan called on İlknur Biryan to come back.

Updated: September 11, 2021 — 1:22 pm

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