Who Is Joe Robe On TikTok? Johnbellofficial Instagram And Jorobe Allegations Explained

Tik Tok star Joe Robe aka Johnbellofficial has been accused of child grooming and here is all we know.

Joe Robe is precisely known to be a popular Tik Tok celebrity.

The American social media star Robe was popular for his Tik Tok videos where he was considered to be a politically correct person.

John Robert Bell had two accounts on the platform named @jorobe and @jorobeirl.

Now, the de-activated or deleted accounts of Joe had over 5 million followers combined as he had gained massive popularity in a span of 2 years.

The fellow Tik Tok creator was known for calling out others for wrongdoing and wanted to make the platform a safe place for young users.

Meanwhile, the same person is accused of child grooming as he has faced allegations from another Tik Tok creator.

John Bell TikTok aka Johnbellofficial On Instagram

John Bell aka Joe Robe’s Instagram account is not available.

Following the accusations made to him, his account on the platform is rumored to be deactivated or deleted.

Meanwhile, nothing has been confirmed by the accused about his social media status.

He has not responded to the accusation made to him but has chosen to stay away from the media.

Further, his Twitter account is not active as well.

Well, it seems he has deactivated or deleted all his social media accounts and is not ready to make his appearance on the media soon.

Joe Robe TikTok Age And Bio Details

Joe Robe’s age is 27 years old.

He was born in 1993 and he celebrates his birthday on the 13th of August every year.

With the given date of birth, he is known to hail the zodiac sign of Leo.

Robe is believed to use the platform in his mid-20s and had found popularity shortly.

The American Tik Tok star Joe has kept the details about his personal life a secret.

Robe’s educational background is yet to be explored as he has not disclosed the name of the college he attended to date.

Further, the same goes for his parents and families as the Tik Toker has not given a single hint regarding the details of his blood relatives.

He was known for his videos ‘That Vegan Teacher’ and ‘The Brandon Robert’, and had displayed his talent on playing flute in several videos as well.

What Happened To Him? Jorobe Allegations Explained

Jorobe was accused by a teenage Tik Tok star Dylan for grooming.

Dylan, known on the platform as @dylg16 who has over 370,000 followers opened on the platform about the harassment.

As per Dylan, John joined his friend circles and wanted to give Airbnb on his 18th birthday.

Later, Robe offered to buy alcohol on his birthday and attempted to complete a BDSM test.

Dylan revealed that he had been suffering for eight months and has come to know about Joe grooming multiple people.

Updated: October 14, 2021 — 1:35 pm

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