Who is Kaylyn Slevin parents? Her Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Height, Dating

Who is Kaylyn Slevin Parents? Hollywood ‘outsiders’ Kaylyn Slevin made it big without a godfather in the industry – all based on her talent!

Born entertainer, Kaylyn isn’t just known for her web series ‘Chicken Girls’, but also for the competitive gymnast and modeling career.

The 2018 MSA Dance miss Malibu Teen, Kaylyn is one terrific dancer. This young sensation is amongst the admired young actress of Hollywood, who is expected to do great in the business.

Born into a middle-class family in Chicago, Kaylyn Slevin’s parents Kristyn and William Slevin have always been ever supportive and encouraging about her passion for acting.

Just like any other, Kaylyn Slevin had has a normal childhood, but she had that spark, thirst, and drive of success that always pushed her limit.

Kaylyn Slevin Height – 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.68 m)

Known for her lean, toned legs, Kaylyn Slevin stands with a height of 5 feet 6 inches and great bikini body.

Although she looks petite on screen, she boasts unexpectedly impressive height.

The modern time diva looks attractive and is popular for her busty, fit body that flaunts stupendously sexy while modeling for skimpiest of the skimpiest bikinis.

Is Kaylyn Slevin Dating? Know her Boyfriend – Tayler Holder

To be young in love – that’s what it’s like for celebrity couple, Kaylyn Slevin and boyfriend Tayler Holder.

Kaylyn and Tayler bonded for their shared love for social media and both boasts crowd of following on Instagram. And, Looks like the reigning Miss Utah Teen USA is going strong with her handsome beau!

Although both parties haven’t revealed when they actually started dating or where and how they actually met, Kaylyn and Tayler make one good-looking couple – if it counts.

The budding pair is a frequent fixture on each other’s Instagram posts! Just like any other teenage couple, they also for the romantic dates, sporting branded clothes, nicely done haircut and, of course, doesn’t forget to Instagram it!

Before Kaylyn made it Instagram official with Taylor, dating rumors sparked around Slevin and Mycah Pittman around March 2017. Mycah is famous as the younger brother of USC Wrestler Michael Pittman.

Kaylyn Slevin Wiki

Blonde bombshell Kaylyn Slevin has worked since her childhood as she began receiving her training as a dancer and gymnast when she was only four.

A native of Chicago Illinois, she was bred in California, where she used to attend theater and watch shows with her mother thorough her childhood.

Having started out young, Kaylyn began her career in show business as a model and went on to appear in over Seventy television ads since 9 years old.

However, Kaylyn received her breakthrough in the year 2016 when she landed a role in Awesomeness TV’s show, ‘LA Story’. And, her popularity soared only after winning the 2017 ‘Miss Malibu Teen USA’ pageant.

The same year, Kaylyn participated at the Miss California Teen USA pageant, finishing it at the top 20. She is the current crowned Miss Utah Teen USA of 2019.

She became an overnight star, garnering huge following online platforms including Instagram and YouTube. Today, she is managed by the LA, California based ‘The Osbrink Agency’.

She has already built her career resume so impressive for her young age. You can go through brief bio that is readable on a few websites, but Kaylyn Slevin doesn’t have her Wiki page.

Kaylyn Slevin Age – How Old is this actress in 2019?

Multifaceted Kaylyn Slevin was born on December 28, 2000, and is currently age 18 in 2019.

One of the prettiest and sought-after actresses in her generation, Kaylyn is young and attractive, who defines cuteness, grace and beauty all combined.

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