Who Is Kian Tordoff? Age and Parents – More on The Bradford Stabbing Victim

Who is Kian Tordoff? Social media is filled with tributes after his tragic death.

Kian was probably a college student who has recently lost his life. Reportedly, he was involved in a large group fight.

Police have cordoned off Bradford city center for further investigation. Marc Bowes from the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team is in charge will conclude the case shortly.

Who Was Kian Tordoff? Age Revealed

Kian Tordoff was just a 19 years old boy. He is no longer with us today.

Our entire Celebsaga team prays for his family and friends at this crucial hour. Hopefully, his departed soul will find peace in heaven.

Well, his age was revealed by the police officers. However, we have no clue regarding Kian’s birthday details.

As per our prediction, Tordoff was a friendly teenager who was living his life to the fullest. He had several dreams that can no longer be accomplished.

It’s devastating news for his family and close mates. Well, the respected authority has been taking the necessary steps to capture the men behind the murder.

According to BBC News, Kian was from Bradford, England. Hence, we can confirm that his nationality was British.

Reportedly, he had stab wounds all over his body. Thus, his cause of death was probably because of the stabbing.

Apart from Tordoff, another 19-year-old boy is in a critical state. Thankfully, the teenager is in a stable condition but is still fighting for his life.

Moreover, the police were called to the scene at 5:45 AM. This means that the incident happened overnight.

Who Are Kian Tordoff Parents? Everything To Know

We are unsure about Kian Tordoff’s parents at the moment. But, we are pretty sure his mom and dad have been informed already.

Undoubtedly, Kian’s mother and father are devastated. They have lost their ‘world’ and will never see him again.

Currently, there’s nothing to know about his siblings and other relatives. However, we can confirm that his entire family is mourning his death.

Hence, we request media and other personnel to provide them with privacy and space. Hopefully, his household will release an official obituary soon.

There have been tons of messages on Facebook from Kian’s loved ones. Indeed, everybody is heartbroken to know about his demise.

More News On The Bradford Stabbing Victim Kian

Victim Kian Tordoff’s funeral will be held soon. The teenager was on Facebook and had more than 300 friends.

Recent reports claim that the police have arrested two suspects for Kian’s murder. Although they haven’t been identified, we have come to know that they are 26 years old and 16 years old respectively.

Updated: October 10, 2021 — 8:56 pm

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