Who Is Liana Wallace on Survivor? Wikipedia and Bio Explored

Who is Liana Wallace on Survivor? The American tv show is back again with its 41st season and has already announced the new contestant fighting each other to be the Sole Survivor.

The 41st season was supposed to premiere in 2020 but got halted due to the COVID pandemic. CBS has announced that the Survivor is back with its new castaways and premiering on September 22 on ABC.

The 18 contestants will be facing more challenges than the last seasons, and there would be only one winner who would go home with a million-dollar and be titled the Sole Survivor.

Wallace is one of the casts which has come to try her luck and defeat her other contenders while trying to survive in the wild.

Liana Wallace Wikipedia

Liana Wallace doesn’t have her Wikipedia profile yet, but she would definitely get some fame after appearing on the famous TV show.

Wallace is a student who has come all the way from Washington DC. She is currently enrolled in Georgetown University and is expected to graduate in 2013. Even if she hasn’t mentioned her exact major, she has stated that white men’s business class is dominated, which she hopes to change someday.

The reality star wants to change the current work scenario where women of color are rarely given an opportunity, and they always stay behind. She hopes that participating in Survivor can show that she is strong as any other person regardless of their color or gender.

Liana Wallace Age

Liana is currently 20 years of age, but she has not disclosed her exact date of birth.

Wallace is originally from Evanston, Illinois, where she grew up until she relocated to DC for her further studies. Besides studies, the TV star loves dancing and regards Misty Copeland as her hero.

The TV personality has mentioned that she spent some part of her childhood in Tokyo and Singapore. That means she has been well aware of the Asian culture since she was a child and even learned a little bit of language along the way.

Liana Wallace Height

Liana Wallace has also not revealed her height.

She has an average height and also maintained a toned physique. The Evanston native explains herself as an outspoken and adventurous person. She might have come to take part in the show as a new experience that would give her recognition and earn her a cash prize.

Liana is physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to face the challenges that come along the way and show that she cannot be underestimated as a woman of color who would be dominated like in every other field of work.

Liana Wallace Boyfriend

Liana does have a boyfriend, and she is frequently seen sharing snaps of them.

Her partner’s name remains a mystery, but it seems like the couple has been together for a couple of years.

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