Who is Lisa Desjardins Husband Jason Desjardins? Details On Everything

Correspondent Lisa Desjardins and her husband Jason Desjardins have been married to each other for several years now. Fans already know a lot about Lisa, and they are curious to learn more about her husband.

Jason Desjardins is most popularly known to be the husband of Correspondent Lisa Desjardins.

In fact, her wife Lisa is a political journalist in the United States. She formerly worked for the Associated Press and CNN Radio before joining PBS NewsHour as a journalist.

Furthermore, she has covered five presidential elections in the United States as of 2018.

Well, in order to learn about Jason, keep on scrolling through the following sections below.

Jason Desjardins: Lisa Desjardins Husband Age And Wikipedia

Correspondent Lisa Desjardins’s husband, Jason Desjardins’s age, can be estimated to be somewhere between 45 to 50 years old.

However, his actual age has not been revealed as of now. On the other hand, his wife Lisa’s current age is 49 years old.

In fact, she was born in the year 1972 on the 29th of January.

Furthermore, unlike Lisa, Jason’s profile has not been featured on the official page of Wikipedia yet.

Due to this, we do not know about his professional or educational background to date.

Jason Desjardins Family

Jason Desjardins lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with his happy little family.

In fact, he got married to Correspondent Lisa Desjardins in the year 2007.

The couple seems to be totally in love with each other. Also, Jason seems to be supportive of Lisa’s professional life. They have been blessed with a son who was born in the year 2016.

Moreover, his wife Lisa often shares lovely pictures of their family on her Instagram account.

They also have a cat named Rocky as a part of their little family.

Jason Desjardins Net Worth

Jason Desjardins’s net worth can be estimated to be around $1 million.

However, since we have no idea about his professional career, it is hard for us to estimate his salary or earnings.

Similarly, his wife Lisa seems to have a net worth of about $2 million.

Lisa has had a successful career in journalism spanning more than two decades.

In addition, she has amassed a large wealth thanks to the income from her profession as an anchor.

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