Who Is Luana Braga From Love Is Blind Brazil? Meet The Gorgeous Member On Her Instagram

Curious to know about Luana Braga From Love Is Blind Brazil? Scroll down as we reveal everything there is to know about the gorgeous cast of the show.

Luana Braga will appear as one of the cast members in the Brazilian adaptation of Love is Blind, titled Love is Blind: Brazil.

Speaking about the show, it follows a group of men and women who hope to find love through ten days of speed dating.

The show’s twist is that they must choose their partner solely by talking to each other. They are unable to see each other until the men decide to propose to the woman they wish to marry.

Who Is Luana Braga From Love Is Blind Brazil?

Luana Braga from the show Love Is Blind Brazil is a psychologist from Bahia, a northeastern Brazilian state.

In terms of physical appearance, she is a beautiful white-skinned woman with golden hair and black eyes.

In her short intro video, she stated that her greatest ambition is to work as a social worker and to establish an NGO to assist those in need.

Luana’s life mantra is, “The Lord is my shepherd, and I have everything I need.”

Meet Luana Braga And Her Husband Lissio Fiod On Instagram

Luana Braga and her husband Lissio Fiod have not featured in each other’s Instagram yet.

However, Lissio and Luana’s relationship grew stronger when they met in person, and nothing and no one seemed to be able to break them apart.

They had it all, from self-assurance and dedication to make things work.

The Instagram handle of Luana Braga is @luabraga_ whereas, Lissio Fiod is active on Instagram as @lissiofiod.

In terms of reach, Luana Braga has over 11 thousand Instagram followers, while her husband Lissio has approximately 9.5 thousand followers.

Are Luana And Lissio From Love Is Blind Still Together?

Yes, it appears that Luana and Lissio from Love are Blind are still together.

Although they’ve had their fair share of disagreements, as with any relationship, they looked likely to be willing to talk it out for the sake of their infatuation and hopeful implications.

In addition to that, In one of the episodes of the show, Lissio stated that he has been referring to Luana as his “wife” since the moment he proposed to her.

On the other hand, even the psychologist admitted that she wants nothing more than to tie the knot with Lissio.

As a result, it appears that both Luana and Lissio are fully committed to their relationship.

Luana Braga Age And Wiki Details

As per the wiki details of Luana Braga, she is currently 34 years of age.

She is a CRP Psychologist from Bahia who recently discovered love on the show Love Is Blind Brazil.

Luana’s interests outside of work include cooking, dancing, and acting. She mentioned that she likes Japanese food and also made a joke about how well she sings in the shower.

While on the contrary, In the summer, she enjoys going to the beach, and on Fridays, she enjoys watching Netflix and staying up late.

Updated: October 8, 2021 — 7:37 pm

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