Who Is Puppi150? Learn Everything About Shmee150 Girlfriend

Fans argue MsShmee, aka Puppi150, is a very supportive girlfriend. Is that statement true?

Puppi 150, girlfriend of the Shmee150, is famous in the supercar community. Posting and driving different exotic cars, one could say she is living the dreams of many. Most of those cars are owned by her boyfriend.

She has very active social media accounts. Usually posting once or twice a week.

Besides social media, people don’t seem to have proper information about her. Let us help you with that problem.

Who Is Shmee150 Girlfriend Puppi150?

Shmee 150’s girlfriend is Puppi150.

She was introduced by Shmee as MrShmee.

Puppi150 is her’s Instagram handle. She is relatively popular on social media.

Similar to Shme150, Eva is also fascinated by supercars. As seen on social media, Eva always posts pics of her next to the supercar.

The love for supercars must have brought them close together.

Puppi150 Real Name And Age: How Old Is She?

Puppi150’s real name is yet to be disclosed. She may announce her name in the future.

Based on her Instagram profile, puppi150, she looks like a girl whose name may be Emily.

Puppi150 looks like she is in her early 30s, based on her looks.

She could be the same age as her boyfriend, Tim Burton. But fans think she is younger than her boyfriend.

Puppi150 Wikipedia Bio

Puppi150 is famous as the girlfriend of youtube star and influencer Tim Hunter aka Shmee150.

Puppi150 is also a supercar fan as her boyfriend. One could guess that from the hundred of supercar photos posted on her social media.

She does so to promote her boyfriend’s business. With that, she was complimented on being a hardworking and ambitious girlfriend on shmee150.com.

Meet Shmee150 Girlfriend On Instagram

Puppi150 has a great fan following on TikTok and Instagram.

With over 60k followers on Instagram and 115k followers on TikTok, we can agree she has a good social media presence.

Shmee150, born Tim Burton, is the boyfriend of Puppi150.

Tim is a famous British automobile blogger, YouTuber, and automotive influencer located in London, England’s capital.

With over 15$ million dollars net worth, he is extremely rich.

Updated: October 13, 2021 — 12:36 pm

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