Who Is Ruth Leslie? Chris Cairns Wife -Where Is She Now? Everything To Know

Who is Ruth Leslie? Ruth is the wife of the former cricketer Chris Cairns, who was once the captain of New Zealand’s national team. 

Ruth Leslie is well known as the wife of Chris Cairns.

Ruth and her husband Chris were together for a very long time. Chris was one of the best players in the New Zealand team, and he was even offered the captaincy of the ODI team.

He became the captain of the national team of New Zealand and is an all-rounder. He is also named as one of five Wisden Cricketers in 2000.

Who Is Chris Cairns Wife Ruth Leslie? Her Family

Ruth Leslie was married to her husband Chris Cairns long back in April 1997.

Though they were a lovely couple, their relationships did not last much longer, and they divorced eventually.

The couple divorced the next year in 1998, just after a year of marriage, and the reason is still unknown.

Some have said that there was a third-party involvement, but that doesn’t seem true, and the couple parted on good terms.

The couple did not have any children.

Other than Chris, there are no details available of Ruth Leslie’s family members; She has kept herself distant from the media.

How Old Is Ruth Leslie? Age And Net Worth Explored

Ruth Leslie’s age might be around 40-50 years old.

As her involvement in media is pretty low, there is no news of her.

Talking about Ruth Leslie’s net worth, it is as confidential as her personal life. Ruth, after her divorce, might have moved somewhere else, which is out of the sight of the media.

So, as of now, there is little to no information about Ruth.

Where Is Ruth Leslie Now?

As of now, Ruth Leslie is nowhere to be seen in the public and media.

After her divorce, she distances herself from Chris and even his limelight and is nowhere near New Zealand.

Ruth might now have got married to somebody else and doesn’t wants her past relationship to hamper her present one.

So, as of now, she is absent from the online news portals.

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 2:56 pm

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