Who Is Sara Wilson on Survivor? Find Her On Instagram

Who is Sara Wilson from Survivor 41? CBS has announced the names of its contestant for the 41st season of Survivor who will be fighting among each other to win the title of Sole Survivor and the cash prize of $1 million.

The new season of Survivor will be premiering on September 22 on ABC with its new cast and crews. The 18 castaways are taken to the beautiful island of Fiji and will be divided into three groups who have to confront dangerous challenges and try to survive in the wild. The players will have to win rewards and use them to their advantage while also cleverly using the minimal resources that they would be provided.

Sara Wilson is one of the castaways who thinks that she has what it takes to survive in an extreme environment and cleverly win the show.

Sara Wilson Age

Sara Wilson is currently 24 years of age.

She was born on June 27, 1997, in Sherman Oaks, California. Even though she seems young and comes off as a sweet girl, she has stated that she is a person who can fight back during tough situations.

The Boston native has come with a winning spirit and prepared herself to pull through in the condition she has never been before.

Sara Wilson Height

Sara has not revealed her height yet, but he seems to have an average height for a woman.

Looking at her Instagram posts, Wilson seems like a person who maintains her physique and loves doing gymnastics and swimming. She also loves performing aerial silk and trapeze.

The reality star is physically active, and it will serve as an added advantage to survive on the show.

Sara Wilson Wikipedia

Wilson has not been featured on the Wikipedia page yet.

She is a healthcare consultant who has been residing in Boston, Massachusetts. Wilson got her engineering degree from MIT  and graduated in 2019.

The healthcare consultant has specifically chosen the field to make some changes in the area as she lost her grandfather to lung cancer. She hopes that she could one day come up with the idea to make a breakthrough in medicine.

The California native regards herself as smart, resilient, and a witty person and doesn’t like to be around rude and mannerless people. She aims to win the show with her physical strength and by building connections with other cast members.

Find Sara On Instagram

Sara is on Instagram as @sara_w3.

She has over 1800 followers on her account. Wilson seems like an outgoing and fun person who is always out trying new things. She is also close with her family and friends and is often seen spending time with them.

The reality star will definitely be one of the tough contestants and definitely has what it takes to be a Sole Survivor.

Updated: September 17, 2021 — 10:06 am

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