Who Is Sarah Brayshaw? Learn Everything About James Brayshaw Wife

Sarah Brayshaw: Wife of James Brayshaw, all the information we have about Sarah Brayshaw. 

Who is Sarah Brayshaw?

Sarah Brayshaw is best known as the ex-wife of famous cricketer James Brayshaw.

Nothing personal is known about Sarah. Sarah is also not to be found on social media like Facebook.

Sarah’s Instagram is a private account with the handle @sarahmary67.

The family of Sarah Brayshaw: Husband and Sons

Sarah and James Brayshaw have four sons together Frederick, Jonathon, Henry and George.

Here in this Instagram post of James, we can see James, Frederick, Jonathon, Henry and George proudly posing for the picture.

Sarah Brayshaw and James Brayshaw got separated due to serious issues in their relationships. They got married and have lived together as a family since 1991. On 23rd October 2014, the couple announced their separation.

Sarah Brayshaw and James Brayshaw ended their relationship after 23 years of togetherness to go their separate ways. Both of them have a mutual understanding.

James Brayshaw has moved on with his life and is currently dating Lisa Chrisie and seems satisfied with the #hotboyfreind on his Instagram post featuring his girlfriend.

Sarah and James have decided to remain, good friends and be the loving parents to their four sons. They have also stated that their sons will always be their priority.

Sarah’s ex-husband James was known as Jamie Brayshaw in the cricket industry. James was the chairman of the Melbourne Renegades cricket team from 2011 to 2015.

How old is Sarah Brayshaw?

Sarah Brayshaw’s age is unknown.

On the other hand, James Brayshaw is 54 years old born on 11 May 1967. Since they were married we can estimate Sarah’s age to be around 45-55 currently.

What is the Net worth of Sarah Brayshaw and what job does she do?

Sarah Brayshaw is living secretively and finding out about her job and net worth is difficult. Thus, unknown.

Sarah Brayshaw is an independent woman living on her own privately. Over the internet information about her is not yet leaked. Besides Sarah Keeping her life private, she has a URL link on her Instagram leading to a website of horse rising school Jolong Park. It seems like she works or owns the place but is not sure.

We know that in 2007 the Brayshaws sold their Woodside farm to be based permanently in Melbourne.

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