Who Is Shane Delia? Everything To Know About The Chef

People from Wikipedia have not noticed Shane Delia’s works. He is the owner of an award-winning Middle Eastern restaurant in Melbourne.

Shane Delia is a popular chef.

He is the owner of an award-winning Middle Eastern restaurant in Melbourne called “Maha,” named after his wife.

Who Is Shane Delia? Wikipedia

We could not find Shane Delia on Wikipedia.

Shane is the Director Delia Group and Founder of Providoor.

He was born into a Maltese family. Delia has got more than 30 years of experience.

Delia has his television show called Shane Delia’s Spice Journey. It is in its third season.

What Is Shane Delia’s Age?

Shane Delia is 41 years old. 

Delia was born on January 12, 1980.

Does Shane Delia Have A Wife?

Yes, Shane Delia has a wife. He is married to Maha Delia. 

Shane and Delia got married back in 2007, and since then, they are together from that point onwards.

They are blessed with a son and daughter.

Daughter Jayda studies in Grade 3 and is 12 years old. Moreover, their son, Jude, is 8 years old.

Details On Shane’s Family

Shane Delia was born to Maltese parents. His family is from Malta.

The name of his mother is Doris Delia. Information on his father is unknown.

Delia’s dad moved to Australia at the time of only 17. He worked at the Dunlop plant. There is not much information on his relatives.

Net Worth Of Shane Delia

Shane Delia has an estimated net worth of $9 million. 

This number may not be a shocking figure because of the accomplishments he has got during his career. He is a celebrity chef and hosts his show called Shane Delia’s Spice Journey. He stills earns from that television show.

Delia has a restaurant in the heart of Melbourne. Shane’s net worth has subretinally risen during the past few years and is expected to increase more.

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