Who Is Tyra Lauagiagi On NZ Aotearoa Men’s Netball Team? Meet The Trans Woman Athlete

Tyra Lauagiagi is a prominent trans woman athlete in Aotearoa Men’s Net Ball Team. She is considered a strong contender to lead the team to victory.

Tyra Lauagiagi is a trans athlete playing Aotearoa Men’s Net Ball team.

She is the prominent player for the Aotearoa Men’s Team while playing against Silver Fern in this series.

Lauagiagi is a good friend of Kruze Tangira, a captain of the Aotearoa Men’s Net Ball team.

According to the team captain, Lauagiagi is one of the best players who is very professional about her gameplay.

NZ Aotearoa Men’s Netball Team: Who is Tyra Lauagiagi?

Tyra Lauagiagi is a player of the Aotearoa Men’s Net Ball team.

The Aotearoa Men’s netball team has been left frustrated and confused following six players including captain Kruze Tangira being denied travel exemptions from the Government to play against the Silver Ferns.

Playing against the Silver Ferns is the pinnacle for the Aotearoa Men’s team, making the rejection of travel exemptions for the fully vaccinated players extra disappointing.

Despite the personal disappointment, the team leader said he and the other five players are 100 percent behind Aotearoa Men’s and remain excited about the series.

Tyra Lauagiagi Age

Tyra Lauagiagi’s age seems to be between 20-25 looking at her appearance.

However, her exact birthdate is not disclosed yet.

Her captain describes her to be one of the principal members of the team and he hopes that she will be the one to lead them to victory.

Tyra Lauagiagi Wikipedia

Tyra Lauagiagi’s bio is yet to be cover on Wikipedia’s official page.

Tyra Lauagiagi is a trans competitor taking part in Aotearoa Males’ Web Ball group.

After progressing right into a trans woman, she began taking part in Aotearoa’s male group.

She is one of the keys individuals from the group and she is believed to be the one to lead the team to triumph.

Tyra Lauagiagi Nationality

Tyra Lauagiagi holds the nationality of New Zealander.

She is of white European ethnicity.

She has been always dreaming about playing for the national team since her childhood.

Tyra Lauagiagi Parents

Tyra Lauagiagi was born to her parents in New Zealand.

However, she has not disclosed their names to the public as of now.

Furthermore, she has not even disclosed any information regarding her personal life on the internet.

Tyra Lauagiagi Partner

Tyra Lauagiagi’s partner is still the subject of suspense.

She often posts several statuses related to her relationship.

However, her relationship status is puzzling.

Updated: October 10, 2021 — 11:15 pm

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