Who Is Waleed Suliman? Everything To Know About The Athlete

Is Waleed Suliman on Wikipedia? Sadly, Suliman is left to make an appearance on Wikipedia.

Waleed Suliman is an All-American middle distance runner from Jordan.

He is a Student-Athlete at the University of Mississippi. Waleed will be graduating in May of 2022.

Waleed Suliman’s Bio On Wikipedia

Waleed Suliman has not been enlisted on Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, we have collected information that might give a clear picture of his life.

Waleed is from Jordan.

They are immigrants who flew to the States. Suliman became a US citizen in January 2020. Currently, his family resides in Oxford, Mississippi, United States.

He became one of the best high school runners. Suliman graduated with honors and joined the track and cross country teams at the University of Mississippi. He became the All-America middle-distance runner.

What Is Waleed Suliman’s Age? Age And Height

Waleed Suliman is 22 years old. 

He was born on Sept. 22, 1998.

Suliman is 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

On Waleed Suliman’s Parents

Ichadija Ipries and Mohamedain Suliman are the parents of Waleed Suliman.

Waleed’s parents are refugees from war-torn Darfur to Henrico County. He has got four sisters.

Suliman made admission to Douglas Freeman High, and he walked to Regency Mall with his father Ipries and purchased running shoes. Then, he joined the cross country team.

Waleed’s uncle was an Olympian for Sudan in 2000 (Sydney; 1500-meter, semifinals) and 1996 (Atlanta; 800-meter, first round). His name was Mohamed Babiker Yagoub.

On his Instagram, he had posted a picture of his mom and dad thanking them for everything.

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