Who Killed Katie Autry? Murderer Lucas Goodrum & Stephen Soules Now

Lucas Goodrum and Stephen Soules were suspects in Katie Autry’s murder. Read this article till the end and learn more about the case.

Katie Autry was a freshman at Western Kentucky University who got beaten, raped, and set on fire to death in 2003. But the suspects were caught short.

One white guy belonged to a rich family, and the other mixed-raced boy who belonged to a poor family were suspects of her murder.

Who Killed Katie Autry?

A young girl, Katie Autry was beaten, raped, and set on fire to death in 2003 in her dormitory room. A wrong death lawsuit was filed against the University.

Hour before Katie Aurty became the victim, Scottsville girl went to police to file a complaint that Lucas Goodrum assaulted her with a cell phone at his apartment.

But as per police, she required a warrant to arrest Goodrum on assault charges, which also required her parent’s signature as she was a minor.

The girl’s mother felt lucky because her daughter was only assaulted and not killed. There were two suspects for the crime who was drunk that night at the party.

They attended the party without being invited as they didn’t belong to the fraternity. But, anyone could sneak the area as it was not secured.

Police caught Lucas Goodrum and Stephen Soules. However, people who stayed nearby believed the third one just got away.

Upon investigation, Stephen said Goodrum beat, raped, and set her to fire. The autopsy report exclaimed it was a brutal murder.

Where are Murderer Lucas Goodrum & Stephen Soules Now?

Stephen Soules told the police that Goodrum committed the crime and pleaded not guilty after the indictment. During his trial in March 2004, he bargained a plea.

He still got the charges of murder, rape, complicity to rape, sodomy, complicity to sodomy, arson, and robbery. Six concurrent years of imprisonment along with 20 years were announced to him.

There was no possibility of having parole for him. He even said Goodrum forced him to rape her. He is at the Green River Correctional Complex in Central City, Kentucky.

Goodrum’s parents denied the allegation Soules put on their son. His father and stepmom testified that he was at home at the time of the fire.

He was acquitted of all the murder, rape, sodomy, and arson charges levied against him. After the acquittal, he was living in Aubrey, Texas. His current place is not known.

Katie Aurty Case Update

When Katie Aurty’s dormitory had a smoke, firefighters responded to the sudden fire. They brought her burned body outside and tried CPR on her.

They took her to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, where The doctors announced that she had third and fourth-degree burns.

They declared the cause of her death was due to burn injuries. She also had superficial punctures wounds that seemed to be caused by pen or pencil.

Updated: October 10, 2021 — 11:16 pm

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