Why Was TheDadofTikTok Arrested? Meet Joshua Mcpheron Ohio

TheDadofTikTok aka Joshua Mcpherson from Ohio was arrested for sexual imposition charges. We have details of what happened.

On June 16, 2021, TheDadofTikTok had posted his last video in Tiktok. He is a fairly known personality with 517.7K followers.

After his noticeable hiatus, fans were wondering what happened to the content creator. Now, news has started to surface that accuses TheDadofTikTok of some heinous crimes.

Why Was TheDadofTikTok Arrested? Meet Joshua Mcpheron Ohio

TheDadofTikTok was arrested for sexual imposition charges.

Reports suggest TheDadofTikTok real name is Joshua Mcpheron from Ohio.

Apparently, TheDadofTikTok was arrested on July 24, 2021, in Lima, Ohio.

He faces one felony count for gross sexual imposition using force, one for sexual imposition for a victim under 13, and a misdemeanor count for sexual imposition with a victim 13, 14, or 15.

Joshua is currently being held at Alan County Jail and is not scheduled to be released any soon. Likewise, his bond is placed at $100,000 in cash.


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Nonetheless, TheDadofTikTok’s account remains on Tiktok. He has only lost about 1k followers since his arrest.

On the other hand, many users have begun reporting his account. Similarly, they have spammed TheDadofTikTok’s lastest Tiktok videos with comments condemning his alleged actions.

Explore TheDadofTikTok Age and Wiki

TheDadofTikTok is around 31 years old in age.

He is a resident of Lima, Ohio. But, TheDadofTikTok doesn’t have a Wiki biography yet.

You can find him on his Twitter website as @thedadoftiktok. Likewise, his bio mentions he is a father to 5 children and is engaged to be married.

Some are even alleging that the two of TheDadofTikTok’s victims were his own children! The claims are not verified by any official data yet.

TheDadofTikTok Mugshots

TheDadofTikTok mugshot is available on Allen County Jail’s website.

You can discover him as the 1358 inmate.

Likewise, his mugshot is going viral all over social media. Likewise, people have started to make Tiktoks entailing his reported accusations.


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TheDadofTikTok’s Instagram cannot be discovered. He was present on the IG before, but his profile is absent now.

Mcpheron has not said a word after his arrest. Likewise, the Allen County Sheriff’s Department has refused to give any statements yet.

Updated: September 27, 2021 — 3:48 am

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